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  • Videomakers


    …lson Algren Committee Award. This collection includes footage of the People for Community Recovery and the 1975 Housestaff Association strike. Selected Videography: Slices of Chicago: //mediaburn.org/video/slices-of-chicago-2/ Daley: The Last Boss: //mediaburn.org/video/daley-last-boss/ Dates: 1975-1993 Subjects: Labor History, Environmental Racism, Chicago History, Workers’ Rights, Chicago Politics Ben Hollis Ben Holl… Continue reading

  • Judy Hoffman

    …es footage of the People for Community Recovery, an anti-environmental racism organisation, as well as the 1974 Housestaff Association (HSA) strike.   Our complete collection of Judy’s work can be found here. Dates: 1975-1993 Subjects: Feminism, Environmental Awareness, Environmental Activism, Racism, Environmental Racism, Labor Unions, Workers’ Rights, Concerts, Chicago History, Chicago Life, Chicago Politics, American Politics Selec… Continue reading

  • [HSA Strike 1975 raw #2]

    [HSA Strike 1975 raw #2]

    00:00 Bars and tone. Static. 00:58 Continued footage from tape 16510, doctors and Housestaff Association members parade and strike, picket, in downtown Chicago. 01:51 Black. Static. 02:02 Continued footage of the doctors on strike, walking through downtown Chicago. 03:17 Black. 04:05 Shots of downtown and random man-on-the-street interviews about the strike. A woman agrees that they should strike. The hospital needs improvements. 05:19 Black. 05… Continue reading

  • [HSA Strike 1975 raw #3]

    [HSA Strike 1975 raw #3]

    …nslators at Cook County Hospital. He notes the house staff thinks they can’t last too much longer and the association should take what it can get now. He says it will feel good to get back to work, but he’s disappointed. He notes that significant things were won in the negotiations with the governor’s commission, but a lot was not won too. Hopefully, he adds, there won’t be too many layoffs as a result. He suspects there w… Continue reading

  • [HSA Strike 1975 raw #4]

    [HSA Strike 1975 raw #4]

    00:00 This footage is related to tapes 16510, 16511, and 16512. An audience of doctors and health care workers clap as someone finishes a speech. The tape fast forwards. 00:33 Dr. Quentin Young, Chairman of Department of Medicine at Cook County Hospital, in mid-speech says that there’s a myth of one class system of care. The tape rewinds. He talks about how the immigrants were being denied certain medical treatments. He says just a few day… Continue reading

  • [HSA Strike 1975 raw #1]

    [HSA Strike 1975 raw #1]

    00:00 Bars and tone. Static. 01:00 Low light. Black and white video. A meeting is held by hospital workers about the threat of Cook County Hospital closing and the strike of doctors and hospital staff. 02:40 Static. 02:52 A repeat earlier footage. 04:43 Various b-roll of the meeting. The videographer interviews a man from the University of Illinois Hospital. He says they heard about the strike and notes that the issues raised apply to all hospit… Continue reading


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