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  • Sitcom: The Adventures of Garry Marshall

    Sitcom: The Adventures of Garry Marshall

    …ound the lot. Title: “The Adventures of Garry Marshall.” The Happy Days theme plays. Cut to various outtakes from Happy Days, Mork and Mindy, and Laverne and Shirley. Robin Williams, Penny Marshall, Ron Howard, Cindy Williams, Henry Winkler, Jerry Paris, and Marcy Carsey are all introduced with credit titles. 2:41 Cut to Marshall playing basketball. Then cut to Marshall driving around the Paramount lot in his car. He points out the se… Continue reading

  • Happy Birthday Homemade TV (first composite)

    Happy Birthday Homemade TV (first composite)

    …ut to the intro for the program. 02:39 Cut to a shot of the editing room at Portable Channel. There are several outtakes of the producers explaining their reasons for creating content for Portable Channel. Tonight’s program is a compilation video created in celebration of Portable Channel’s first birthday. One of the members states, “Television isn’t just what you see on the black box. It isn’t just the program. It&#… Continue reading

  • Super Bowl!

    Super Bowl!

    …atured very early appearances by Bill Murray and Christopher Guest, as well as candid and enjoyable footage of Johnny Unitas and Phyllis George. Watch the trailer below, and then watch the full 46-minute version at Media Burn. You can also buy the new dvd packed with never before seen outtakes (including improv with Harold Ramis and Brian Doyle Murray) at Tribeca Film Institute. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?amp;v=Ah8KUq2X_xE]… Continue reading

  • In Memory of Harold Ramis (1944–2014)

    In Memory of Harold Ramis (1944–2014)

    …it, Harold shows his depth and self-effacement as he talks for about four minutes about the brilliant metaphor at the heart of Groundhog Day. Oh, and one last thing: If you want to see a kinescope of the actual Merry Men from Texaco introducing Milton Berle in a dress, check out this video. —Tom Weinberg Watch the full videos of the Second City Chicago show and 33 minutes of raw outtakes from TVTV Goes to the Super Bowl at Media Burn…. Continue reading

  • Farewell to the Ultimate Cool Gent, Herb Kent

    Farewell to the Ultimate Cool Gent, Herb Kent

    …nberg with associate producer Joel Cohen. We discovered this footage of Herb Kent in the camera original “outtakes,” of which there are more than 150 hours. The footage exists nowhere else, and you would not be seeing it today if we hadn’t spent years digitizing and cataloging the collection, and then spent much of this week producing and editing this new video. Please support the vital work of archives by supporting our preserv… Continue reading

  • Congressman Dan Rostenkowski (1928-2010)

    Congressman Dan Rostenkowski (1928-2010)

    …all 15 hours of Rostenkowski from 1980, and all of these rare historical materials are available on mediaburn.org. They form an in-depth look at the Chicago and national political process and this fascinating character. A DVD of this documentary, including outtakes of the Congressman, will soon be available for purchase through the Tribeca Film Festival’s Reframe project — keep your eye out for an announcement this fall…. Continue reading

  • [TVTV Goes to the Super Bowl comedy outtakes]

    [TVTV Goes to the Super Bowl comedy outtakes]

    00:00 This tape begins with a blue screen. 00:17 Bart Friedman and Christopher Guest on the football field. Friedman interviews a few nearby people on the field. 01:20 Cut to a shot of a GoodYear blimp flying over Dolphin Stadium. 02:05 Friedman and Guest hold a mock interview with one another about the production of the Super Bowl program “Black Sunday.” Guest pretends to be the publicist for the program. 04:51 Cut to a shot of Bill… Continue reading

  • [Media Burn outtakes]

    0:00 Assorted news coverage (extremely bad image quality). 9:55 Women sell souvenirs (Megan Williams?). 14:24 Interview with angry black cameraman. He is furious that the Optic Nerve crew is not affiliated with a commercial station. He says he is afraid of hippies because their actions lead to black people being killed. He thinks they might turn over their tape to the CIA, which will somehow lead to him being killed. He refuses to give his n… Continue reading


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