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  • Minnie and Me and You

    Minnie and Me and You

    …do it now! All levels are deeply appreciated. We hope you’ll enjoy this conversation between Tom Weinberg and Roger Wallenstein, two old pals who reveal they still love baseball as much as they did when they were kids. MINNIE AND ME AND YOU By Tom Weinberg and Roger Wallenstein Tom Weinberg and Minnie Minoso, 1976 Tom: Hey, Roger, remember when we were seven and sat under the biggest oak tree in Highland Park trading baseball cards…… Continue reading

  • Cities: Studs Terkel’s Chicago

    00:00 Bars and tone. 00:40 Studs Terkel relates an anecdote about meeting a woman in Italy and telling her he’s from Chicago. She replies, “Oh, I know Chicago – Bang, bang, bang!” (Referring to Chicago’s history of gangsters.) Terkel tells us that Chicago is so much more than that. He is going to show us his Chicago, the Chicago he loves. 01:09 “The ethnic parade is as natural to Chicago as the river that flow… Continue reading


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