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  • Tom Weinberg reads the Wall Street Journal – Bill Tabb reads U.S. News and World Report

    Tom Weinberg reads the Wall Street Journal – Bill Tabb reads U.S. News and World Report

    00:50 Intro: Tom Weinberg Reads the Wall Street Journal April 20, 1982. Weinberg reads the paper on the train. 02:30 Weinberg introduces Paper Tiger crew and explains that the Wall Street Journal is only about money, then browses through the headlines. Skip Blumberg explains that he doesn’t read the WSJ. 05:00 Weinberg talks about business and finance section vs. world news, surveys articles in business and finance. 07:00 Weinberg talks ab… Continue reading

  • Cars And Owners

    Cars And Owners

    …gallon. He says Blumberg’s car is in good shape. He thinks it should have power steering. In mid-sentence the audio fades and the image fades to black. 09:27 Title card: Copyright  1978 CHIP LORD. 09:31 Black. A voice over notes: “Chip I like your style. I just put a few things together.” 09:38 End segment. 09:40 Start new segment. B-roll of Maxi Cohen and Fran conversing near the Berlin Wall in 1990. The area is filled with people chipping… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0021

    Image Union, episode 0021

    …ns. 09:30 “Rock Against Racism” (excerpts) by Jim Nitti and Jim Pasta. Color Video. Excerpts from a documentary chronicling Rock Against Racism, a free concert held by Chicago musicians with the aim of eliminating racism. Performers include D.O.A., Lonnie Brooks Blues Band; Immune System; and La Confidencia. 18:44 “Voice of the People” by Nancy Cruz, Sandra Ortiz, Mirko Popadic, Sandra Rogers, and Denise Zaccardi. B&W… Continue reading

  • The Eighties in Retrospect: A Documentary

    The Eighties in Retrospect: A Documentary

    …on, and Richard Nixon’s resignation speech. 5:20 A Walter Cronkite impersonator reads out news headlines. These begin with an announcement from 1984, when Ivy Lincoln wins the presidency. On April 10, 1992, Cronkite remarks that the producers of Anybody You Choose Video have “once again rejected” three Academy Awards for their documentary “The 80’s in Retrospect.” April 24, 1999: futurists take a spacecraft to… Continue reading

  • Tracing the Light, documentary

    00:01 Title cards introduce _Chasing the Light,_ a play by Donna Blue Lachman, filmed here as part of a documentary by Rana Segal. 00:20 The film opens on Friedl, played by Donna Blue Lachman, arranging various items into a bag. “Hitler has cordially invited me to Terezin.” Friedl then says that she is packing arts supplies to go to this place, which was a sort of holding place for the artistic elite being detained by the Nazis. While that may s… Continue reading

  • American Roots Music Chicago

    American Roots Music Chicago

    …es band playing in a small basement. Marshall Chess: “Many little blues clubs developed around Chicago on the south and west side. Of course, there was electricity in these clubs, and that led to the amplification of the guitar and vocal mics, and the electric blues was really born due to that.” 19:44 Photographs of Muddy Waters. Ramis gives a brief biography of him, aka McKinley Morganfield. Video of Muddy Waters describing his first… Continue reading

  • Out From the Wall

    30 minute documentary on Tennessee Correction. Followed by interview with Blanton…. Continue reading

  • Amma, A Documentary Of A Living Saint

    Amma, A Documentary Of A Living Saint

     … Continue reading


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