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  • Tom Weinberg reads the Wall Street Journal – Bill Tabb reads U.S. News and World Report

    Tom Weinberg reads the Wall Street Journal – Bill Tabb reads U.S. News and World Report

    00:50 Intro: Tom Weinberg Reads the Wall Street Journal April 20, 1982. Weinberg reads the paper on the train. 02:30 Weinberg introduces Paper Tiger crew and explains that the Wall Street Journal is only about money, then browses through the headlines. Skip Blumberg explains that he doesn’t read the WSJ. 05:00 Weinberg talks about business and finance section vs. world news, surveys articles in business and finance. 07:00 Weinberg talks ab… Continue reading

  • Cars And Owners

    Cars And Owners

    …gallon. He says Blumberg’s car is in good shape. He thinks it should have power steering. In mid-sentence the audio fades and the image fades to black. 09:27 Title card: Copyright  1978 CHIP LORD. 09:31 Black. A voice over notes: “Chip I like your style. I just put a few things together.” 09:38 End segment. 09:40 Start new segment. B-roll of Maxi Cohen and Fran conversing near the Berlin Wall in 1990. The area is filled with people chipping… Continue reading

  • Cubs Scoreboard #1

    Cubs Scoreboard #1

    …of the scoreboard: “Art’s upstairs.” 01:51 The first man and O’Connor continue watching the game. Their conversation is somewhat muffled. They quiet down as there is action on the field, then O’Conner gets up to change the numbers from 2 to 3. The game continues with either man getting up periodically to change his side of the scoreboard. Conversation is often difficult to hear. 06:08 Roger Wallenstein begins intervi… Continue reading

  • Mick And Muddy

    Mick And Muddy

    Three unrelated clips are on the tape before the Rolling Stones footage. It is not clear where they came from or what they are, other than dealing with depictions of racism in media. These clips have been removed from the digitized version, so the timecodes are off by approximately three and a half minutes. After the Rolling Stones footage, an unidentified blues band plays in a studio. 3:33 Stones and Muddy Waters perform “Mannish Boy.&#82… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0537

    Image Union, episode 0537

    00:00 Title and count-in, followed by Image Union opening. 01:14 The Barking Gecko Video Review (Not for Chowderheads) by Roger Bain. This is a collection of music videos and comedy sketches. 01:53 The first music video features a song about a man who wakes up with orange hair. 05:04 A sketch about two not-very-bright individuals who wish to join “the fast-paced world of advertising.” 07:52 The sketch transitions into a song about a… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0008

    Image Union, episode 0008

    …ace, he is shot from far away and standing on a football field during a game. 26:10 “Tablatoons” by Roger Anderson. Tabla music accompanies experimental film segment involving scratched patterns on film and various colors. 31:28 Mid-program identification. 31:50 “The Video News” presents a segment on a West Town protest. City Hall, February 14, 1979. Pete Earl of the West Town Coalition talks to videomaker about the lack o… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0433

    Image Union, episode 0433

    …ear. A color film in which close ups of a man and woman’s hands shake salt and pepper shakers. Eventually the shakers stop and the salt and pepper is blown away by the wind. Set to accordion music performed by Aydin Dincer-Ubl. 10:37 Commercial for Tony Ramos by Joan Logue. [not online] 11:08 Commercial for Joan Jonas by Joan Logue. [not online] 11:40 “The Cable TV Marketing Man” by Dave Clark and Roger Bain. Color video. A musi… Continue reading

  • American Roots Music Chicago

    American Roots Music Chicago

    …es band playing in a small basement. Marshall Chess: “Many little blues clubs developed around Chicago on the south and west side. Of course, there was electricity in these clubs, and that led to the amplification of the guitar and vocal mics, and the electric blues was really born due to that.” 19:44 Photographs of Muddy Waters. Ramis gives a brief biography of him, aka McKinley Morganfield. Video of Muddy Waters describing his first… Continue reading


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