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  • Image Union, episode 0324

    Image Union, episode 0324

    00:00 Image Union opening. 00:50 “On Strike” by Kartemquin Films. Color video. A short piece documenting a UWAUE (electrical workers’ union) strike at a Stewart Warner plant in Chicago. Workers demand higher pay in the face of high inflation. 09:35 “Grand Turk: The Grand Canyon of Coral” by William M. Stern. Color film. Cousteau-style underwater documentary about the underwater canyon and coral reef off of Grand Tur… Continue reading

  • Image Union: All night

    Image Union: All night

    …ple. why don’t you die for the people.” -Fred Hampton, born Aug. 30, 1948. 0:33 Title for the Image Union. “This is a special edition of Image Union; films and video tapes you don’t usually see on TV. We want to broadcast your comments on the film you’ve just seen.” 0:49 Blinking words “call now” and a number on the screen. An announcer implores viewers to call now, but to make their comments brief…. Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0618

    Image Union, episode 0618

    0:28 Image Union opening 1:13 Cut to woman, Starr, describing her suicidal tendencies and her religious conversion. 1:27 Ex-convict talks about his religious conversion. 1:44 Group of people sitting in a circle. They give their biographies and how they took “wrong turns.” 2:04 “Hello, Jesus” plays over opening montage of Uptown, Chicago. 3:40 Henry Huang gives an introduction about Jesus People, USA and the special, mixed… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0435

    Image Union, episode 0435

    0:10 Image Union/WTTW Chicago slate. 0:46 Image Union opening. 1:30 Narrator: “It has become a special symbol of the jet-set. Some call it the Hollywood Cocktail: It’s cocaine. The champagne of illegal drugs…This program shows where it’s grown, how it’s processed, and how it gets into the United States.” 2:24 Photo montage from various moments in South America. 2:54 Journalists in Peru: “Felix was 26 yea… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0214: International Women’s Day

    Image Union, episode 0214: International Women’s Day

    0:00 Image Union opening. 0:46 “Festival De Mujeres,”June 30, 1979, by Eleanor Boyer and Karen Peugh. Color video. Documentary about a women’s festival in Chicago’s predominantly Latinx Pilsen neighborhood. Salima Rivera reads several of her poems, one is an ode to Pilsen, another dedicated to women searching for their sons after the Allende government in Chile was overthrown. There are silkscreening and ceramics workshop… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0211

    Image Union, episode 0211

    0:28 Image Union opening. 1:08 Footage of a 1968 press conference held by Mayor Richard J. Daley about the protests in Lincoln Park during the Democratic National Convention. He makes one of his famous blunders: “The policeman isn’t there to create disorder. The policeman is there to preserve disorder.” He defends the actions of the policemen who had attacked protesters. 2:33 Excerpts from “Now We Live On Clifton” b… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0013: Composite

    Image Union, episode 0013: Composite

    00:00 Count-in. 00:22 Image Union opening in black and white. 01:06 “Chairs” by Nick Despota, John Mabey, and Bob Synder. Color video. Footage of the Chicago blizzard of 1979 set to music. We see piles of snow and the typical Chicago practice of chairs saving shoveled parking spaces. 02:55 “Helen Lishman for Mayor” by Warren Leming. Spoof of political ads, shot during the Chicago Blizzard of 1979. “All we get from t… Continue reading

  • Image Union, Reel 1: 10th Anniversary Special

    Image Union, Reel 1: 10th Anniversary Special

    00:29 Image Union opening sequence. 01:45 Donna Blue Lachman is introduced and explains the dual celebration: New Year’s Eve and Image Union’s 10th Anniversary. 02:45 Image Union’s statement on history and the importance of preservation. 03:42 “I Remember Riverview” by Phil Ranstrom. 1983. A retrospective on the former Chicago amusement park complete with a ride on one of its most famous roller coasters! 05:51 &#822… Continue reading


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