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  • Weekend TV, part 2 of 2

    Weekend TV, part 2 of 2

    0:48 Weekend TV re-opening. 1:20 Another segment by Skip Blumberg with the young downtown rollerbladers. One skater attempts to learn a dangerous trick where he slides down a long railing. 5:02 “This Is My World” by Jeff Spitz. A piece about a teenager named Priscilla Horton. We follow her through her difficult senior year of high school in a troubled urban school. The story is partially narrated by Horton’s poetry. 15:50 &#822… Continue reading

  • Weekend TV (Yummy Sandifer Murder)

    Weekend TV (Yummy Sandifer Murder)

    Andrew Jones investigates the aftermath of the murder of 11-year-old Robert “Yummy” Sandifer, who had been accused of killing 14-year-old Shavon Dean in the Roseland neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. Two brothers, Cragg and Derrick Hardaway, were arrested for the murder of Sandifer. Jones talks to family and friends about the tragedy of two murders of teenagers and how it reflects on our society…. Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 142

    Time Out, episode 142

    …visit with the Chicago Sting soccer team, an interview with Chicago Tribune Reporter Skip Myslenski, and an NFL weekend preview with Chicago Bears Safety Gary Fencik. 01:24 Cut to the four commentators who begin to talk about Mike Ditka’s temperament problems as Head Coach of the Chicago Bears. They also discuss the dislocation of the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks from Chicago Stadium while the circus rolls through town. This cuts into a seg… Continue reading

  • Press


    …Weekly: May 12, 2010 “UsTube” Chicago Reader: October 26, 2006 “Weinberg Allowing New ‘Weekend TV’ To Be Free-Flowing” Chicago Tribune: May 31, 1995 “Careful, It’s the 90s” Chicago Reader: October 1, 1992 “Has Tom Weinberg Seen the Future of Television?” Chicago Reader: September 27, 1990 “Meet Those Famous Voices” Chicago Tribune: January 24, 1989 “Ten Years on… Continue reading

  • 5/9/14: Get to know Studs Terkel this weekend

    5/9/14: Get to know Studs Terkel this weekend

    “Let’s Get Working: Chicago Celebrates Studs Terkel” at U of C Sean Schönherr video editor / curator When I first started working at Media Burn Archive, I didn’t really know much about Studs Terkel, but over time, as I watched and edited various video pieces about him, I began to feel like I really knew him as a person. For people who are familiar with Studs’ work, the thoughts an… Continue reading

  • The 90’s, episode 403: Guns And Violence

    The 90’s, episode 403: Guns And Violence

    …he road and mace you?… in the military, they tell you never to surrender your weapon.” 08:20 “Weekend War Games” by Patrick Creadon. In Millington, Illinois, weekend warriors engage in combat with paint guns. One participant takes a glob of paint in the face. “You’re splooged,” says Pat. “I’m dead,” says the soldier. 09:11 “Playing Guns” Jody Procter and Kit Sibert. In a fore… Continue reading

  • The Demon Show

    The Demon Show

    …gins to write down her dream about a woman in a box. Calls in sick so as to continue writing and to open up her weekend. Goes back and forth between various tasks and errands. Calls phone company because phone is broken, but they cannot come to repair the phone until after the weekend. 15:15 She says, “I wish that for once in my that the people I need would be there when I need them.” A telephone repairman knocks on the door. He descr… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 143

    Time Out, episode 143

    …k, a visit to King High School in Chicago to talk with their number one seated boys basketball team, and an NFL weekend preview from Gary Fencik. 01:25 The four commentators begin to talk about the Chicago Bears and their recent bout of team injuries. They go on to talk about Michael Jordan’s rise on the Chicago Bulls. This cuts into a segment on a new sports exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. 03:45 We are first greet… Continue reading


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