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  • The Defense of Lolita Lebron: An Interview With Conrad Lynn

    The Defense of Lolita Lebron: An Interview With Conrad Lynn

    …he case. “My defense was basically that this was a dramatic act of protest which was justified because of the illegality of the occupation of Puerto Rico by the United States.” Lynn talks about the Puerto Rican Nationalists’ belief system. “The Nationalists believed that the United States was illegally in Puerto Rico and they never recognize the sovereignty of the United States government. Therefore a nationalist such as L… Continue reading

  • The Demon Show

    The Demon Show

    …ade explicit. He says,  “You have called and I have come to tell you of your greatest ally and protector. The bear.” Repair man transforms into a bear (represented by a mask).  Pours sand around bed. Lachman slowly begins to wake up. Music (theremin) plays. 1:01:15 Bear addresses crowd. Bear goes offstage, but video is dark. Lachman sits upright out of trance and interpretive dances with another animal, possibly a bear 1:04:07 LightsContinue reading

  • The Battered Badge

    The Battered Badge

    …cks, depression, alcoholism. A police officers is 3 or 4 time s likely to commit suicide than you or me.” The host adds that the cause of this stress is going to be explored in the program. Title “The Battered Badge” appears. 01:57 B-roll of a traffic cop directing traffic. Daly says the image of Officer Friendly is the image we want for our police officers. “The fact is it’s damn tough to be Officer Friendly out on… Continue reading

  • The 90s

    The 90s

    …ssional Softball Tournament. He sets up cones for an encroachment rule, provides score books and indicators for the umpires. He explains the encroachment rule came about because teams noticed that when a woman came up to bat, outfielders would re-position themselves almost at the infield. When a woman got a hit, it was never a true hit because she’d be thrown out at first base. So they’ve taken the distance from home to third base and… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 128

    Time Out, episode 128

    …the non-electronic scoreboard. “It works perfectly for day baseball. It’s absolutely ideal because when the sun sets, or as it begins to set, and those rays come straight across the top of the upper deck, it kills lights. But this board looks better. You know it’s actually a remarkable thing in the city of Chicago. I wonder if there’s any other piece of mechanical equipment that’s been out in the rain, and the snow,… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 133

    Time Out, episode 133

    …working with Pitching Coach Billy Connors. 04:37 Cubs’ pitchers Rick Sutcliffe, Tim Stoddard, and Steve Trout comment on Connors’ easy going coaching style and pitching philosophy. 05:49 Connors sits down with Bill Veeck at the bar. Veeck asks Connors how he gets pitchers to throw strikes. Connors emphasizes the need for pitchers to be aggressive and to take the time to get into the proper mindset when pitching. The two go on to discu… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 134

    Time Out, episode 134

    …“Cubs fans are smart. They know where the best seats are: here, not there (points to the lower deck). Now the only thing that I’m upset about is that when the playoffs and the World Series come, then what will you think will happen, very simple. These bleachers would be filled with guys with three piece suits with their [inaudible] and their hat, not this kind of hat (lifts up his hat). No, no… a fedora.” Veeck goes on to… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 101

    Time Out, episode 101

    00:00 This tape begins with a countdown and slate. WTTW promos roll before the program begins. 00:37 Intro segment for “Time Out.” 01:01 Fade into a shot of the back bar on the set of “Time Out.” This week’s commentators are John Schulian of the Chicago Sun-Times, Kenny McReynolds, a WBMX Sportscaster and Assistant Coach for DePaul University’s Men’s Basketball team, WIND Reporter Fran Spielman, and form… Continue reading


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