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  • Studs On A Soapbox

    Studs On A Soapbox

    A study of colorful Chicago author, radio personality, and raconteur Studs Terkel. The program contains footage of Terkel from the 1950s through 2000, when he was 89 years old. Terkel expounds on various topics such as work, art, media, himself, his political views, his family, and his colleagues. Continue reading

  • The 90’s Next Election Special

    The 90’s Next Election Special

    The second of three election specials from the award winning series, The 90’s. This episode is called “THE CONVENTION” and features moments from the Democratic National Convention in New York and the Republican National Convention in Houston in 1992. The producers tend to stay away from the regular news type footage and find the human interactions and the moments when the politicians are off their guard. Continue reading

  • Making It In Hollywood

    Making It In Hollywood

    This unique documentary is a time capsule of Hollywood in the 1970s and the American obsession with fame. It follows a few of the thousands of people who come to Los Angeles every year to “make it” as actors and actresses–at their day jobs, going to auditions, and waiting for acting work at legendary Schwab’s Drug Store. It tells the story of Cissy Colpitts, a new young face, hoping to find an agent and become a star. It also features the perspectives of several successful actors, including Tab Hunter and Shelley Winters, discussing what it takes to survive in Hollywood and how fame changes a person. That excess is portrayed through Sally Kirkland’s legendary parties, attended by a wide variety of 1970s Hollywood players, including John Badham, John Belushi, David Blue, Dylan Cannon, Bud Cort, Dr. John, Kinky Friedman, and Robert Walden. Continue reading

  • The Other Side Of Summer: The Wrecking Of Old Comiskey Park

    The Other Side Of Summer: The Wrecking Of Old Comiskey Park

    The narration is a spoken poem by Chicago poet, Bob Chicoine. It is related over still photos of old Comiskey Park. The poem includes personal recollections of the poet’s experiences at old Comiskey park and also chronicles the park’s demolition. The photos include pictures Comiskey Park, many baseball players, Bill Veeck, and the Chicago stockyards. Continue reading

  • [Dan Quayle on ABC news]

    Peter Jennings reports live from San Francisco after the “Great Quake of ’89.” He interviews Vice President Dan Quayle about the government’s role in rebuilding the area. Jennings presses Quayle for specific answers, but Quayle only responds in sound bytes, repeatedly bringing up the “spirit of volunteerism”, announcing that “preparation pays off”, and stating vaguely that “the federal government will be a partner in the reconstruction.” Continue reading

  • [Selects of presidential debate 10/11/(1992)]

    Two questions and partial responses from the presidential debate that took place on October 11, 1992. The tape begins at the end of Bush’s response to an unknown question. The floor is then turned over to Perot for his response to the same question. Apparently, the question asked had to do with political experience, or one or both of the other candidates questioned Perot’s experience in their response, because Perot responds with witty remarks about his experience: “Well, they’ve got a point. I don’t have any experience running up a 4 trillion dollar debt. I don’t have any experience in gridlock government where nobody takes responsibility for anything and everybody blames everybody else…I’ve got a lot of experience in not taking ten years to solve a ten minute problem…I’ve got a lot of experience in figuring out how to solve problems, making the solutions work, and then moving on to the next one.” Continue reading

  • [Watch It! pilot]

    A pilot broadcast for “Watch it!,” a show described as a “video scrapbook” to showcase interesting videos from “regular people.” Continue reading

  • Come out and play.

    A promotional video for Chicago Park District advertising programs, some new, some existing, at various Chicago Parks in September 2003. Divided into seven segments, each featuring a different park district program. Each segment is made up of narration over video and still photos of the various programs and parks that are featured. Continue reading