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  • On Dream Street…

    On Dream Street…

    Documentary about a dance team for people with disabilities called Dream Street as they compete at the Central Park Challenge. Continue reading

  • [Kenneth and Elise Boulding]

    [Kenneth and Elise Boulding]

    This tape is raw footage of an interview with academics Kenneth and Elise Boulding. The topics include: and brief recollections of Albert Einstein. Continue reading

  • L.A. Riots

    L.A. Riots

    Andrew Jones goes to Los Angeles in the aftermath of the riots of 1992. He speaks with many people about the racial issues that sparked this uprising–the feeling that blacks and Latinos had been systematically discriminated against in their own neighborhoods for years. The main complaint is that stores in their neighborhoods were owned by whites and Koreans and they were overcharged for all services and products. Much of the tension appears to be between the blacks/Latinos and the Korean shop owners. Another interesting feature of the tape is the discussion of the differing motives between rioters and looters and between the actions in different parts of the city. For example, in some areas, only specific businesses, those that were seen as longtime oppressors, were targeted. A man shows footage from his camcorder of the looting, and notes that all of the looters were white, and all were smiling. Clearly, the situation in Los Angeles was far from simple. This tape is a fascinating glimpse into the psychology of the time period. Continue reading

  • Thumbs Across America

    Thumbs Across America

    Andrew Jones shoots his trip hitchhiking across the country, interviewing people along the way. Continue reading

  • Weekend In Moscow [unofficial art]

    Weekend In Moscow [unofficial art]

    Skip Blumberg goes to the Soviet Union to investigate “unofficial artists” – those not sanctioned by the state. Continue reading