Art Jones Hasn’t Changed His Bigoted Platform in 38 Years

Art Jones (of the America First Committee and the American Nazi Party), boldly espouses white supremacy and homophobic policy, and is not afraid to use them as a political platform. He has done so in the past, and continues to do so today.

Jones has ran for the same Illinois 3rd Congressional District seat five times, beginning in 1992, but was unsuccessful with each attempt. Now, Jones has entered the March 20, 2018 primary for Illinois 3rd Congressional District as a Republican but this time he is unopposed, and stands to win the Republican nomination by default, despite being disavowed by the Republican Party and removed from the ballot in 2016.

A business card (see below) circulated by the America First Committee advertises their method to preserve “The Liberty.” Among their tenets are beliefs that all men are not created equal (1), that “Natural Law” dictates that “Racial Integrity” and “genetic heredity” must be maintained (2), and that education’s highest purpose is to preserve elements of “White, Western Culture” (7). Interestingly, the card does not explicitly condemn people based upon sexual orientation, but Jones made his position against the “cockroaches, [i.e.] the queers” quite clear in his recorded message on the (Heterosexual) America First Hotline in 1982, as heard in the video below. 

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Jones appeared in two Super-8mm films by Bill Stamets, which were transferred to video: “Novo Dextro: Purity and Danger” (1982) and “Chicago Politics: A Theatre of Power” (1987) that are archived at Media Burn. Here are two excerpts, including a contextual clip of Mayor Harold Washington speaking at a gay and lesbian rights rally in Lincoln Park on July 1, 1984.

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