August 29,1968: The Whole World Was Watching

In light of worldwide protests following the murder of George Floyd, it’s valuable to put these radical times in context with the demonstrations in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The independent Kerner Commission report determined that it was a “a police riot.” Television viewers around the world were stunned to see police beating anti-war demonstrators after the city had become an armed camp.

The video is from the two-and-a-half-hour special broadcast on WTTW / Channel 11 on the tenth anniversary of the death of Mayor Richard J. Daley (1902-1976).  It was produced by Media Burn founder Tom Weinberg and hosted by legendary Chicago journalist John Callaway (1936-2009).

The segment focuses on the 1968 convention protests with a discussion between civil rights and antiwar activist and comedian Dick Gregory, who died August 19, 2017 at age 84, and Frank Sullivan, who was public relations spokesman for the Chicago Police Department and later, Daley’s press secretary.

If you are interested in Chicago, its political history, and Mayor Richard J. Daley, watch this entire special. You won’t be disappointed.

To see it all, start with “REEL #1”




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