Buckminster Fuller on money in politics

“The representation is not representing you, they’re representing the money that got them in.”

Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983), most famous for popularizing the geodesic dome, devoted his life to seeking solutions to social ills, and using technology to make the world work for 100 percent of humanity.

As a teacher and philosopher, he urged people to reappraise the systems and standards of society. While he believed that we had the power to reach global solutions, he argued they would not be reached through politics.

In this newly digitized 1980 interview, Fuller explains the inherent depravity of a political system controlled by money.

Though he was speaking 30 years before the Citizens United ruling fully untethered campaign finance, his words have an almost prophetic air today.

“In order to be president you need at least 50 million dollars, to be a senator you need 5 million dollars, to get to be a representative you need a million dollars. This means all representation is corrupt.” (Multiply by three to convert to 2016 dollars.)

Chicago-based filmmaker Phil Ranstrom conducted this interview with Buckminster Fuller in 1980, while a student at Southern Illinois University. Enjoy being one of the first in 36 years to watch the interview with this icon and innovator.

The full 1980 interview with Buckminster Fuller is now up on mediaburn.org.



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