Christmas at Studs’ Place

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“You just have an over-fondness for helping anybody that walks in the door. All they need is a sad story.”

In this episode of Studs’ Place from 1951, Gracie presents Studs with his $52 from the Christmas Savers Club that he saved by depositing $1 each week all year. He’s pleased with his plans to buy a phonograph for his son and a robe for his wife, when someone walks through the door and awakens the Christmas spirit…

Merry Christmas from all of us at Media Burn!

 Studs' Place: Arthritis
Part of the wave of creative and original television programs known as the “Chicago School of Television,” Studs’ Place was broadcast live on NBC in 1950 and ABC in 1951. The cast included Studs Terkel as the proprietor, Studs; Beverly Younger as Grace, the waitress; and Win Stracke and Chet Roble as Win and Chet. There was no written script, with all dialogue improvised by the cast, with regular musical performances by Stracke and Roble. Because early television was broadcast live, very few programs were recorded and saved.

There are now 14 known episodes of Studs’ Place that have survived. Watch seven of them at Media Burn Archive.

On December 10, 1950, TV-Radio Editor Larry Wolters presented this review in the Chicago Daily Tribune:

 For Warm, Quiet Humor Drop In At Studs' Place



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