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Home Video Day 2018 will feature an offbeat selection of home videos shot by regular people, ranging from the 1980s to the early 2000s. A team of Chicago-based archivists has compiled a program of birthdays, pageants, parties, holidays, weddings, local sports, and other everyday ephemera from the golden era of consumer videotape.
In addition to the planned program, audience members are invited to bring their own tapes to be projected that same day. Whether you bring your own videos to show or simply show up and enjoy what’s on screen, this program promises to be hilarious, touching, and disturbing in the way that only home video can be.

Home Video Day 2018
Nightingale Cinema

1084 N. Milwaukee
April 7, 2018
, stop by any time
Free, with snacks!


Bring your VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Hi-8, Video 8 or Mini-DV cassette to the team of inspectors, who will make whatever repairs are necessary to ensure the tape is playable. You can cue up the tape to begin at a particular point or simply let the it play out at random. Each submission will receive 5 minutes of screening time, and you will have time to introduce your tape beforehand if you wish, or to narrate along with the action on screen.

Home Video Day is a new spin on Home Movie Day, an international annual event since 2003 that has focused on celluloid home movies–8mm, 16mm, and Super-8.

Home Video Day Chicago 2018 was coordinated by a group of local archivists, including Sara Chapman, Tom Colley, Emily Eddy, Dan Erdman, Carolyn Faber, Kristin MacDonough, and Jeff Martin, with support from The Nightingale.




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