Getting to Know Studs Through Media Burn Archive

For nearly ten years, you have been able to depend on Media Burn to give you free online access to Chicago’s history and people. By now, you know there’s no other way to watch larger-than-life figures like Studs Terkel, Vito Marzullo, Dan Rostenkowski, Bill Veeck, and Mike Royko. In fact, we now have more than 6000 videos produced outside of traditional television which we have saved for posterity, and each and every one of them will only become more valuable as time passes. There are lots of “Chicagos,” but Media Burn preserves your Chicago, the city “behind the billboards.”

What we do involves lots of hard work by many people who normally stay behind the scenes. Today, we’d like to share the perspective of our Video Curator/Editor Niamh Schönherr, who has been sifting through the collection to find interesting footage to show you for the last two years. Niamh speaks about how the process of curating materials for our year-long Studs Terkel Video Festival illuminated not just about what Terkel did during his lifetime, but who Studs really was as a person.

Start exploring our Studs collection today, and get to know Studs as intimately as we do. Here are five more of Niamh’s favorite Studs videos: It’s a Living, Studs on a Soapbox, Studs Terkel and Bill Veeck at Billy Goat Tavern, Turning 40, and Interviews With Interviewers About Interviewing.



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