Growing Up Bonobo

We’re excited to show you the trailer for the new short documentary produced by Skip Blumberg and Tom Weinberg, as a not-for-profit project of Media Burn. Every view of the trailer will help the film get selected for a premiere at the Socially Relevant Film Festival in New York this spring, so please help us by checking it out!

photo: Marian BricknerGrowing Up Bonobo:
Photographer Marian Brickner

coming soon!
A unique upbeat short about an endangered species, and the inspired photographer who loves them.
16 minutes, 2014
The entertaining and informative documentary focuses on behind-the-scenes at a day-long photo assignment by noted animal photographer Marian Brickner.


Bonobos, a matriarchal society with DNA that is closest to humans, are known as the “make love not war” apes because of their peaceful nature and use of sex to settle conflicts.

For ten years Brickner has been artistically documenting this family at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, one of the few zoos with bonobos in captivity.

Marian’s appealing books and website expose her intimate and engaging photos to bring attention to the endangered plight of wild bonobos in their shrinking and threatened rainforest habitat.

Produced by award-winning doc-makers
Tom Weinberg and Skip Blumberg

“Shows off the small bonobo group as well as Marian’s passion for them, and I like the message that people should care.”

~ Frans B. M. de Waal, Ph. D.
C. H. Candler Professor, Emory University
Director, Living Links Center at
Yerkes Primate Center,
and author of 14 books about primates



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