Hillary returns to Park Ridge, IL for the first time in 13 years

Yesterday Hillary Rodham Clinton returned to her hometown of Park Ridge for a day packed with fundraisers (tickets for which ranged in price from $45-$27,000).

Clinton was met largely with hometown support and reminisced about her days in Park Ridge. She spoke about national security, the importance of accountability in politics and being true to one’s word.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Clinton encountered some protesters as well. A senior from Hillary’s alma mater, Maine South High School, said he couldn’t trust Clinton “because of all the things she’s been accused of… and the way she just changes her views on everything, from the 90’s to today.”

Many voters are troubled over the intractability of Hillary’s political tendencies. She has been criticized by Jon Stewart for being “without the courage of her convictions”–tailoring her platform to the suit the values of the room. The internet abounds with videos juxtaposing Hillary arguing on opposing sides of the same issue over the years, identifying one day as a moderate, the next a progressive.

Hillary began her political involvement as a Republican, identifying as a “Goldwater Girl” in 1964. She has argued that while her views may be subject to change they remain rooted in her strong values and her experience.

In this video from THE 90’s, Hillary Clinton returns to her old high school and addresses “the question that has been on everyone’s mind: Where did a nice Republican girl from Park Ridge go wrong?” She tells the story of her political awakening- a high school mock election. Having been challenged to step outside of a set of beliefs she had taken for granted, Hillary states that she evolved her own political beliefs which are not easily defined as liberal or conservative.


This footage of Hillary and Bill in 1992 is taken from The 90’s Election Special: the Primary. You can watch the hour-long episode at mediaburn.org.



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