Hooray for Hollywood!

Making It In Hollywood

Directed by Frank Cavestani


This unique documentary is a time capsule of Hollywood in the 1970s and the American obsession with fame. It follows a few of the thousands of people who come to Los Angeles every year to “make it” as actors and actresses — at their day jobs, going to auditions, and waiting for acting work at legendary Schwab’s Drugstore. It tells the story of Cissy Colpitts, a new young face, hoping to find an agent and become a star. It also features the perspectives of several successful actors, including Tab Hunter and Shelley Winters, discussing what it takes to survive in Hollywood and how fame changes a person. That excess is portrayed through Sally Kirkland’s legendary parties, attended by a wide variety of 1970s Hollywood players, including John Badham, John Belushi, David Blue, Dylan Cannon, Bud Cort, Dr. John, Kinky Friedman, and Robert Walden.


You can watch the full documentary at Media Burn, or buy the brand new DVD. DVD special features include a revealing interview with Tab Hunter about the profound impact of fame and stardom on an actor’s personality as well as footage of actors at Schwab’s Drugstore, the unofficial meeting place of actors and industry bigwigs in the 1930s through the 1980s in Hollywood.



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