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Dear friend,

Today our office is quiet–most people in the building have already left town for the holidays. Nevertheless, we’re here because we know our work is vitally important, and no one else is doing it.

We don’t make a big fuss about ourselves, but we are making a major impact. This small and unassuming group of people is doing a tremendous amount of work for an astonishingly small amount of money. We have served as many online video viewers as the Library of Congress—for 1/4,000th of the annual budget.

In 2016 alone, more than 3.3 million people watched our videos. Only 16% of viewers were in the United States—the rest were spread around the entire planet. Total watch time for 2016 in India was more than 5 million minutes (9 years 281 days!) No one would have seen any of this content—ever!—if we had not saved it, digitized it, cataloged it, and continued to pay the ongoing costs of hosting and storing it.

This video is special holiday treat reminding us all what makes Media Burn special.

Thanks to our board member Ben Kolak for creating this video for us!

In 2017, it will be more important than ever before that the public has access to the stories of ordinary people, and that video proof of our history and culture be available to all.

We need your support. Please donate today.

Happy holidays,

Sara Chapman Tom Weinberg



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