In memory of Larry King (1933 – 2021)

As we all reflect on the loss of Larry King, Media Burn offers a highlight of behind-the-scenes King, in conversation with Bill Clinton.

Larry King and Bill Clinton speak during a commercial break on King’s CNN show, Larry King Live

Consummate broadcast veteran Larry King died last week. Everyone knows that. He’s best known for his years at CNN doing some 50,000 interviews. 50,000! Before that, King was a radio pioneer who created the first call-in national overnight show. When he answered the phone, he’d identify the caller by location in gravelly Brooklynese: “Waukegan, hello.”

Media Burn has a clip of what happens during the commercials – stuff we might wonder about, but seldom see.

In the early 90’s, Brian Springer recorded satellite feeds and compiled them into a film called Spin which he narrated. At the time, live broadcast technology made everything available to those who knew where to look. This clip was recorded from the CNN feed in 1992 during Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign.

It pulls back the curtain on TV, reveals King’s style and personality, and is an insider glimpse at Clinton, and the power of CNN founder Ted Turner, who invented the first 24-hour “news” channel.

After King’s death on January 26 Chris Cuomo, current host of the prime-time CNN show that Larry King did for 25 years, did this on-air live tribute to King. It’s a revealing personal insight into King’s long history with the Cuomo family.

Be sure to watch the entire 67 minutes of Springer’s movie, Spin to see more behind-the-scenes of King and his peers. 



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