Media Burn in St. Petersburg!

L-R: Dimitri Devyatkin, Olga Patsukova, Sara Chapman, Lori Felker, Dmitrii Kalashnikov, Avey Rips, Mikhail Zheleznikov

We just returned from our absolutely incredible trip to St. Petersburg where we premiered our new film, Ghosts in the Machine, which was a collaboration between two American and two Russian filmmakers. The film and the trip were made possible through the support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

The filmmakers worked primarily with Media Burn’s collection to create films that reflect on media manipulation and the U.S.-Russia relationship. It is composed of four 15-minute chapters: “Deceive with Belief” by Lori Felker, “Denial Ain’t Just a River in Egypt” by Dimitri Devyatkin, “This is a Test” by Dmitrii Kalashnikov, and “Who Will Remember You Forever?” by Mikhail Zheleznikov.  

We did three screenings while we were in St. Petersburg. The first was at the St. Petersburg School of New Cinema. It was an intimate group of primarily film students and professors, who were intensely engaged with the film–the q&a went on for nearly 2 hours!

Our second screening was at an indie book store called Word Order, specializing in small and underground publishers. It was a tiny space that made it easy to host another stimulating discussion.

The final screening was at the beautiful 100-year-old film studio, LenDoc. The sold out screening attracted more than 200 people.

We can’t wait to share the film with you during the Chicago trip: August 21-28!

Photos by Lori Felker, Denis Goryachev, and Solmaz Guseynova



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