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In 2017, more of you than ever contributed more than ever to the successes of Media Burn.  We thank you but we still need more support for operating the archive and our operations.
If you haven’t gotten around to clicking the DONATE button or sending a check (or a security) and you still want to do it this year, you have a few hours left in 2017.
Your contribution will help us continue to succeed in almost every way possible:

  • we have more users than ever (over 2 million FREE views last year and more than 18 million since we started streaming.)
  • we have expanded our capacity to digitize and duplicate videos from outside clients as a significant source of needed earned income.
  • our weekly video blogs have reached several thousand more via social media
  • and we have been recognized nationally as one of the most reliable professional organizations in video education and archiving.

We don’t want to have to charge students and international users to screen our historic videos, so direct contributions remain at the heart of our funding sources.
Please do your part  for Media Burn.  Thank you in advance.




Tom Weinberg, founder/chair

Donate online
Or mail check to:
Media Burn, 935 W. Chestnut #405, Chicago, IL 60642




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