Rare Footage of the Legendary Dr. John Performing at a Private Party in 1976

On June 6, 2019, the legendary musician Dr. John passed away. His music combined jazz, rock n’ roll, boogie woogie, pop, and blues in a way that changed the New Orleans music tradition. In a career that spanned over 60 years, he helped morph the sound of the Big Easy. As Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote in his tribute, Dr. John “wasn’t interested in merely keeping the old ways alive, he wanted them to grow and expand.” He also drew from New Orleans’ deep history to construct his voodoo priest persona.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. John won six Grammys and was inducted in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. 

This video contains footage shot for the 1976 documentary “Making It in Hollywood,” an in-depth look at the entertainment business through the eyes of both Hollywood hopefuls and veterans. In this video, we watch footage from a Hollywood party thrown at actress Sally Kirkland’s home, featuring a musical performance by Dr. John. Media Burn saved this one-of-a-kind camera original video from 43 years ago. It was produced by Laura Cavestani and Tom Weinberg. It was written and directed by Frank Cavestani. Also involved in the film’s production were Steve Conant, Paul Goldsmith, Elon Soltes, Petur Hliddal, Lars Nelson, Leslie Shatz, and Jody Sibert.

If you can identify anyone else in this video, please contact us!

The city of New Orleans took to the streets last week to pay tribute to this musical giant. Watch part of the parade here.

Watch the full documentary, Making It In Hollywood, here.



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