Rose Marie (1923-2017)

Rose Marie (born Rosemarie Mazzatta) was a legendary multi-talented performer-actress-singer. She died this week. She appeared in hundreds of TV shows, most famously the Dick Van Dyke Show and Hollywood Squares. 

She was also in dozens of movies, on Broadway and night clubs for nine decades, from famous “Baby Rose-Marie” in 1929 to a starring in a 2017 documentary, Wait for Your Laugh. 

I was a producer of a show called Punchline (aka “Tell a Joke on TV”) in 1985 and we met and recorded with Rose Marie and her long-time comedy partner, Morey Amsterdam (1908-1996) at Nate ‘n Al’s Deli in Hollywood.  

This clip is shows her as a “straight-man” to Morey, also a regular on Dick Van Dyke Show and Hollywood Squares.

Carl Reiner, who produced and wrote 148 Dick Van Dyke episodes, tweeted about her:

"There's never been a more engaging & multi-talented performer. In a span of 90 years, since she was four, dear Rosie performed on radio, in vaudeville, night clubs, films, TV, & Vegas & always had audiences clamoring for "more!!"
–Tom Weinberg

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