St. Patrick’s Day Parade Politics

Every year, the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade celebrates the heritage and culture of Ireland and Irish-Americans complete with large-scale performances and appearances from local businesses. The parade attracts thousands of spectators from many communities all eager to join in on the celebrations as they watch the parade. It’s also a “can’t miss” stop for politicians, particularly during election years. Illinois is in the midst of a hotly contested gubernatorial primary, with six Democrat candidates vying to oust Republican incumbent Bruce Rauner on March 20. Like candidates before them, they will surely be making stops at the downtown St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the South Side Irish Parade.

Below is a scene from The 90’s which features the Clinton, Brown, Tsongas, and Blakk campaigns vying for votes at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on the eve of the Illinois primary election. The scene ends with a monologue by poet Barbara Barg.

You can watch the full The 90’s episode at Media Burn




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