Studs Terkel: Listening to America on HBO2

Saturday, May 15 at 6PM and Sunday May 16 at 10AM (CST)

Studs Terkel

This Saturday, HBO2 will premiere the new Studs Terkel documentary by Eric Simonson, the day before what would have been Studs’ 98th birthday. We got to know Eric, Adrian Marin, and the production team over the last few years as they researched dozens of hours of Terkel footage from our collection. Their final product is an insightful look at Terkel’s life and career, spanning from his childhood at the Wells Grand Hotel to his final months in his home in Uptown. The documentary features lots of archival Media Burn footage, plus recent interviews with Tom Weinberg, Tony Judge, Rick Kogan, Sydney Lewis, Andre Schiffrin, and many others.

Watch it this weekend, and until then, check out one of our favorite clips of Studs, talking about his work in 1974, 1989, and 2000.


P.S. If you missed our event at the University of Chicago last week, you can read about what happened at Chicago Weekly.


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