Cajun Legend Nathan Abshire, 1975

This week, enjoy some of the best of Cajun music in a video by TVTV called “The Good Times Are Killing Me.”

TVTV was an ad hoc assemblage of “video freaks” who came together from around the country in 1972 to use the brand new technology of portable videotape to create the first non-network produced video broadcast of the Democratic and Republication National Conventions.  It was an audacious experiment with creating television from an outsider’s perspective and a first step at a movement to create a new kind of television not controlled by corporate interests.

TVTV Pool Coverage, 1972

Three years later, a smaller configuration of TVTV, including Wendy Appel, Paul Goldsmith, Petur Hliddal, Robby Kenner, Hudson Marquez, David Myers, Allen Rucker, and Suzanne Tedesko, went down to Louisiana to make a very different kind of tape–a warm and enjoyable documentary about Cajun life and culture, focusing to a large extent on the music of “Mr. Accordion” Nathan Abshire.  Enjoy this portrait of a fascinating character and some great singing and dancing, and then watch the full hour at Media Burn.



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  1. willem bijl says:


    I am Willem Bijl and I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    great video. Nathan Abshire.

    In 1989 I visited cajun country and watched this video at the USL in Lafayette.

    Is it possible to get a copy of this video.

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