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This is the total views of Media Burn’s YouTube channel as of 4:55PM CDT, March 20th, 2013.

We’ve been thrilled with the overwhelming response from people around the world since we created our channel in 2007. We have almost 3,000 subscribers and our videos are part of frequent discourse, receiving more than 22,000 comments.

It looks like we will hit 10 million views on Sunday, March 24! Celebrate 10 million with us

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We invite you to take a look at our five most popular videos and what makes them special. We never imagined they would be this widely appreciated when we first started digitizing videotapes in our little storefront.

“Crack Clouds Over Hell’s Kitchen” by the Educational Video Center, was featured in the pilot for our award-winning PBS show, The 90’s, which was shown nationally on PBS. EVC is a hugely successful non-profit that has been teaching video to youth in New York since 1984. This insightful and compassionate documentary is characteristic of the ground-breaking work featured on The 90’s. You can watch all 52 hour-long programs and nearly 300 camera originals at Media Burn.

Joe Cummings at Garden Prairie Horse Farm near Rockford, IL. Cummings was a one-of-a-kind Chicago reporter who fearlesslessly chased stories for WBBM radio for more than 20 years. After retiring from radio, Joe dedicated himself to being a part of TV shows for and about everyday people, such as Chicago Slices, Wild Chicago, and THE 90’s–in his words, “the way TV should be.”

Bill Murray doing a comedic rant in 1982 for a technology show called Wired In. We have been surprised and honored that this collection of camera original footage–of video games, trade shows, factory tours, interviews at Apple–has been so popular with viewers around the world. In a single day, more than 30,000 viewers visited to watch uncut camera original footage of the Bally/Midway factory. We never could have anticipated something like this!

A great example of the special type of footage we have at Media Burn–intimate interviews with people whose ideas change the world. Shot by the incomparably talented Skip Blumberg for The 90’s. Skip’s uncanny ability to put his subjects at ease led to many of the best moments from The 90’s, Chicago Slices, and other programs.

An example of the important and challenging political material at Media Burn, capturing realities about America, no matter how uncomfortable. It was part of the 1996 special on non-voters called None of the Above, hosted by the late John Callaway (another treasure of Chicago broadcasting), produced by Tom Weinberg, and featuring David Axelrod, twelve years before he began working on Barack Obama’s presidential re-election campaign.



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