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  • Sykes 1 / Electronic Masks 1”

  • Electronic Masks

    Electronic Masks

    Abstract compositions inspired by the imagery of North American indigenous cultures. Created using the Sandin Image Processor.

  • Pop Video Test: Consumer study 1

    Pop Video Test: Consumer study 1

    A collection of abstract image processing videos by artists including Dan Sandin, Em Emshwiller, Peter Campus, Barbara Sykes, Tom Defanti, and Stuart Pettigrew.

  • d/stabilize/d


    “d/stabilize/d is a document of a 3-channel video installation with stereo sound which premiered at ARC Gallery in Chicago in 1987. d/stabilize/d offered the viewer a chaotic environment poised on the verge of balance. Entering the gallery, one was immediately confronted by a nonsensical arrangement of floating doors, doorways and monitors. On the monitors, random fragments of natural phenomena, such as fire and pounding surf, were set in opposition to more domestic scenes of deterioration, centering on a farmhouse in ruins. A further exploration of the space revealed these elements, as subtly engaged in a systemic and coherent exchange between order and disorder, harmony and imbalance.”–Barbara Sykes

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