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  • Turning of the Centuries II: Inheriting the Past, Building a Future

    Turning of the Centuries II: Inheriting the Past, Building a Future

    From a conference entitled “Turning of the Centuries II: Inheriting the Past, Building a Future,” held at Chicago State University in March 2001. Studs Terkel, the legendary Chicago author and broadcaster, gives the keynote address. In it, he shares his experiences on the topic of race relations, peppering his talk with colorful anecdotes and taking a variety of questions from his listeners. Continue reading

  • Media Reform Conference: Keynote II

    Media Reform Conference: Keynote II

    Part two of keynote event footage from the Media Reform Conference, first aired November 8, 2003 in Madison, WI. Keynote speaker Bill Moyers, introduced by Studs Terkel, speaks, followed by Al Franken. The “Tell Us the Truth” Tour performs three songs during the last 15 minutes. Other speakers include FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, John Nichols, and Bob McChesney from Free Press. Continue reading

  • The Life of Work

    The Life of Work

    Studs Terkel presents a lecture and question-answer session at Loyola University Chicago on the topic, “The Life of Work.” Terkel shares many encounters and stories he accumulated while writing his celebrated book Working. Shot just one day after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Continue reading

  • [Interview with Studs at the Chicago Historical Society]

    [Interview with Studs at the Chicago Historical Society]

    This is an interview done for an exhibit at the Chicago Historical Society. Studs Terkel is interviewed before a live audience talking about Chicago neighborhoods and his opinion on social issues like gentrification, employment, and urban migration. Continue reading

  • Omnibus: Studs Terkel’s Chicago

    Omnibus: Studs Terkel’s Chicago

    BBC portrait of Studs Terkel, the Chicago author. Features current interviews and footage of Terkel; archival footage of Terkel; footage of Terkel receiving the Pulitzer Prize for his book “The Good War” on May 20, 1985; Terkel’s audio recordings of people’s reactions to Chicago’s Picasso sculpture at its unveiling; and a brief interview with Terkel’s wife, Ida. Continue reading

  • [Friends of WFMT meeting]

    [Friends of WFMT meeting]

    “Friends of WFMT” meeting featuring Thomas Geoghegan, Leon Despres, and Studs Terkel, among others, including Susan Lipman of WFMT. Meeting focuses on informing supporters about the history of the station and impending changes to the structure of its management. Studs talks at around thirty-five minutes about the challenges facing the station’s long term survival. Continue reading