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  • [Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries followup]

    [Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries followup]

    A documentary produced by Kartemquin Films made to accompany the Spertus Museum of Judaica’s 1994 exhibition in which six African-American artists and six Jewish-American artists collaborated on a group show. Features interviews with many of the artists, footage from the exhibition including interviews with patrons, as well as interviews with Morry Fred (Director of the Spertus Museum) and Raymon Price (Director of the DuSable Museum of African-American History). Continue reading

  • [Teen St @ Steppenwolf / JM’s roving footage 9-25-97]

    [Teen St @ Steppenwolf / JM’s roving footage 9-25-97]

    0:04 Color bars. 0:35 Camera opens on a girl talking about how she joined TeenStreet. She talks about what it was like to join a pre-existing group. Footage of the cast backstage before a performance. The director, Ron Bieganski, gives instruction. 4:58 Performance begins. 29:05 Performance ends. Footage of cast members backstage. They talk a bit about how they felt the performance went. 32:00 Bieganski introduces the post-show discussion with the cast. While waiting for the cast members to arrive … Continue reading

  • [Teen St. @ Steppenwolf / JM’s roving camera 9-25-97]

    [Teen St. @ Steppenwolf / JM’s roving camera 9-25-97]

    0:04 Color bars. 0:41 Camera opens on the TeenStreet cast backstage rehearsing their lines. Ron Bieganski gives directions as they recite. Some of the musicians start to warm up. 6:09 Footage of Steppenwolf Theatre and people entering the theatre. 7:46 Footage of the female cast members putting on makeup and talking. Cut to the male cast members hanging out and putting on their costumes. 13:30 Footage of people coming into the theatre and sitting in their seats. 18:18 Bieganski introduces … Continue reading

  • [Teen St. Performance F6 9/26/97]

    [Teen St. Performance F6 9/26/97]

    0:00 Camera opens on the cast members of TeenStreet sitting on the stage. The camera woman talks about why they are filming the project. They speak about what it will be like to leave the program, the friendships that they have made, and what they’ve gotten from the program. 15:10 The camerawoman asks them to talk about one thing about them that they would like people to know. They go through the group and each person responds to the question. … Continue reading

  • [Teen St. Performance F5 9/26/97]

    [Teen St. Performance F5 9/26/97]

    0:00 Camera opens on footage of a TeenStreet performance.  6:12 Performance ends. Ron Bieganski announces the post-show discussion. Footage of the audience. 10:15 Cut to the cast sitting together on a stage. The camera woman asks them why they decided to do TeenStreet. Each cast member replies. They also speak about the high and low points of the experience. 29:58 Tape ends.

  • [Organizing owner operator truckers in Northwest Indiana]

    [Organizing owner operator truckers in Northwest Indiana]

    Part of a collection of labor tapes shot by Kartemquin Films in Northwest Indiana. In this tape, a rank-and-file Teamsters member talks to a group about organizing owner operator truckers into a union. Continue reading