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  • La Gigantona Shoot

    00:01 Camera opens on some men standing in a truck and children surrounding them in Nicaragua. The kids crowd around the camera and recording equipment. They unload drums and masks from the truck, and the kids play the drums. Shots of people walking around and kids putting on the masks. Men riding on a tractor. Woman speaks in spanish as a demonstration for the camera and the drums play, large masks dance.  16:33 Cut to a group of men sitting … Continue reading

  • 72 Years After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, The Threat of Nuclear War Continues

    72 Years After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, The Threat of Nuclear War Continues

    The Brutality of Nuclear War and Humanity’s Struggles Against It Seventy-two years ago this month, the United States dropped atomic bombs on the people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, killings hundreds of thousands and expanding the horizon of humanity’s capacity for destruction. Since the inception of nuclear weapons, individuals and social movements have fought to curtail the threat of nuclear war and denounce the inhumanity and absurdity of living under the constant threat of total annihilation. Especially now, as world leaders … Continue reading

  • Inside the Clinton Command Center, DNC ’92

    Inside the Clinton Command Center, DNC ’92

    No presidential convention has been brokered since 1952, when both Vice President Dwight Eisenhower and Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson needed more than one ballot to get their party’s nominations. This year, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton arrived at their conventions with enough delegates to win. Still, the conventions have been anything but uneventful. Just as the Bernie Sanders people are a thorn in the side of the Hillary Clinton campaign, so was Jerry Brown a force that Bill Clinton’s … Continue reading

  • GOP, Meet Stoney Burke

    GOP, Meet Stoney Burke

    “You have to put all your intelligence in your back pocket and you can talk to these people”                                                                                   -Stoney Burke Last night’s Republican production reminded us of conventions past. In 1992, performance artist Stoney Burke provided an inside view for … Continue reading

  • Vito Acconci on Changing the Landscape

    Vito Acconci on Changing the Landscape

    “Architecture is not about space but about time.” -Vito Acconci Vito Acconci’s artistic legacy is boundless, his influence pervading all mediums of art, beyond just those he mastered. This year Acconci turned 76, and while his fertile mind has continued to produce sculptures and structures all over the world, much of his early work in video and performance has gone long unseen. This month the MoMA PS1 in Queens will open the first U.S. retrospective of Acconci’s work in three … Continue reading

  • Hillary returns to Park Ridge, IL for the first time in 13 years

    Hillary returns to Park Ridge, IL for the first time in 13 years

    Yesterday Hillary Rodham Clinton returned to her hometown of Park Ridge for a day packed with fundraisers (tickets for which ranged in price from $45-$27,000). Clinton was met largely with hometown support and reminisced about her days in Park Ridge. She spoke about national security, the importance of accountability in politics and being true to one’s word. According to the Chicago Tribune, Clinton encountered some protesters as well. A senior from Hillary’s alma mater, Maine South High School, said he couldn’t … Continue reading

  • Clinton Defends Clinton

    Clinton Defends Clinton

    In the Clintons’ long political history together, each has played the supporting role at some point in time. As much as their reciprocal campaigning has garnered support, it has led to some public missteps that have proved difficult to sweep under the rug or past the ever-vigilant media. Hillary has been haunted by remarks she made in 1996, calling certain children “super predators” in defense of racially discriminatory criminal justice legislation like her husband’s 1994 crime bill.  On a few occasions, Bill … Continue reading

  • Freedom Fighters in Myanmar

    Freedom Fighters in Myanmar

    On November 7, the people of Myanmar (known as Burma until 1989) voted out their military rulers in the first free election in 25 years. So far, official election results have given the National League for Democracy, the opposition party headed by Aung San Suu Kyi, enough votes to form a majority in the Myanmar parliament, and they are on track to win 80 percent of the vote. While Suu Kyi has been committed to bring democracy to Myanmar through … Continue reading