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  • [Teen Street Performance #F4]

    [Teen Street Performance #F4]

  • [Teen Street: Ron v.o.]

    [Teen Street: Ron v.o.]

    0:00 Ron Bieganski’s voice repeats a few explanatory phrases for the videographers. He explains that they will audition teenagers, take them on tour in Germany, and then talks about some of the techniques that will shape the project. Camera is static on a table. He continues to repeat sentences while the videographer gives him direction on his tone and voice.  15:01 Tape ends.

  • Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries

    Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries

    A documentary produced by Kartemquin Films made to accompany the Spertus Institute of Judaica’s 1994 exhibition in which six African-American artists and six Jewish-American artists collaborated on a group show. This is the most recent version of the documentary centering on the artists and their ideas about the exhibition’s theme, which centers on the relationships between black and Jewish people in America.

  • [Muzeeka clips]

    [Muzeeka clips]

    Muzeeka is a play about American soldiers of the Vietnam War who have television contracts. It serves as a satire of both the war and mainstream American society. Written in 1968, it is one of the most notable of playwright John Guare’s early works. This video is the first segment of an early production of the play at the Kingston Mines Theater in Chicago. The footage is sparse and cuts in and out, sometimes with loud feedback noises.

  • A Gary Tape

    A Gary Tape

    An organizing workshop led by activist Staughton Lynd at Indiana University Northwest on 9-16-71 to discuss organizing around tax policy and investigating grocery pricing in Illinois and Indiana. A month earlier, President Richard Nixon had issued an executive order freezing wages for 90 days. In response, supermarkets were pressured to suspend price increases, although this group felt they were not adhering to this promise.

  • The Mother #1

    The Mother #1

    Footage from a performance of an English-language version of the Bertolt Brecht play “The Mother.” This performance appears to be at a smaller theatre, with very minimal set and prop design—many of the setting details are conveyed by the chorus saying the scene’s expository text out loud in unison. This tape contains the first four of the play’s fourteen scenes.

  • [Organizing owner operator truckers in Northwest Indiana]

    [Organizing owner operator truckers in Northwest Indiana]

    Part of a collection of labor tapes shot by Kartemquin Films in Northwest Indiana. In this tape, a rank-and-file Teamsters member talks to a group about organizing owner operator truckers into a union.

  • Labor History Workshop: Fred Thompson

    Labor History Workshop: Fred Thompson

    An organizing workshop led by activist Staughton Lynd at Indiana University Northwest. This tape features Fred Thompson, labor organizer and IWW leader, addressing a group of (mostly) United Steel Workers union members about the future of unions and how to create positive change.

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