Bike Messenger Jack Blackfelt- A Fresh Look

“I get paid good money to just be who I am: a freak on wheels.”

-Jack Blackfelt

We have more than 7000 videos in our archive.  Most portray interesting people at a particular moment in their lives.  One great thing about video is its ability for people to watch many years later and provide perspective about how they’ve changed. This is the first of these updates we will be doing.

This update features footage of colorful bike messenger Jack Blackfelt that was produced in 1993 and shown on the TV series Chicago Slices.

In 2016, we went back to Jack to get his take on his life.  He has been a bike courier in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and finally in Washington D.C. He looked back at his 23 year career.

This footage, filmed in 1993, was featured in Chicago Slices, episode 9301. Watch the full episode at

This footage is taken from an interview with Jack Blackfelt, conducted in September, 2016, Washington D.C.



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