Seven Days Overexposed

In seven short days, Chicagoans saw their greatest joy sour and their country descend into slow-rolling chaos.

Shooting for this documentary began in early fall of 2016, to capture, in Guerrilla TV-style, the masses of people that we saw more and more frequently on the streets of Chicago. We started with the debauchery surrounding the Cubs winning the World Series. A week later, Mary Otoo and Lucia Ahrensdorf found themselves filming a citywide protest against the election of Donald Trump. This quickly became the central conceit of the documentary: A Guerrilla TV chronicle of those seven tempestuous days, as the media bombarded Chicagoans and Chicagoans bombarded Chicago.

The video also features footage of the final months of Schaller’s Pump, which was shuttered in April 2017 after 136 years in the same Bridgeport location.

Produced by students in the department of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago, Professor Judy Hoffman. Produced by Lucia Ahrensdorf and Mary Otoo. Edited by Lucia Ahrensdorf, Mary Otoo, and Matthew Shimmel.


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  1. Exactly because this for me was a wait of 40 years to see the Cubs get into and win the World Series. Harry Caray had tabbed me the #1 Cubs fan and during this ride I received national media attention especially since I was known as the “Bleacher Preacher”. I loved it, but it was short lived because of the election of Donald Trump. Never did I see such a divisive result when Trump defeated such a qualified candidate in Hillary Clinton. I had mede this known to my friends on face book and elsewhere. THIS VIDIO HIT’S A GRAND SLAM BY BRINGING THESE 2 EVENTS TOGETHER. FROM A GREAT HIGH TO SUCH A VALLEY LOW UNQUALIFIED AND DIVISIVE PRESIDENT POSSIBILITY THAT HAS COME TRUE.

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