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  • [Talent show]

    [Talent show]

    A school talent show featuring clog dancing.

  • [Mining Lecture]

    [Mining Lecture]

    00:52 Private discussion and conversation before the lecture begins.  01:56 Introduction in which the speaker talks about the land reclamation program. He starts a slide show and discusses the work he’d done to reclaim land near Pittsburgh that had been devastated by mining. He details the steps necessary to repair the land and make it useable again.  13:45 Other projects in Pennsylvania and Ohio supported by state funds.  17:22 The differences between funding publicly owned and privately owned land. Procedures […]

  • [High School + Volleyball]

    [High School + Volleyball]

    00:16 Exterior of a school where the flag is being taken down. The marching band practices. Loud audio distortion. 01:12 Inside the school where students walk through the halls. A near-empty classroom. Cars in the parking lot outside.  03:05 Students pretending to fight in the parking lot. 03:46 Shooting out a car window.  05:55 A high school volleyball game. 11:20 Significant image distortion. Game continues.  23:10 Image clears up. Game continues. 

  • Songs + Theater

    Songs + Theater

    A folk-rock band performs several songs, followed by partial footage of a stage play.

  • Action 10 News on Illegal Coal Company “Layering” Practices

    Action 10 News on Illegal Coal Company “Layering” Practices

    Two news reports from Action 10 News in Knoxville, TN detailing the illegal practices of coal companies overcharging the state of Tennessee for coal used in power plants. That is followed by a meeting in which a man discusses personal finances with a small group.

  • Question of the Week: Strip-Mining in Tennesee

    Question of the Week: Strip-Mining in Tennesee

    An episode of panel talk show ‘Question of the Week’ in which residents of rural Tennessee discuss the effects of strip mining by the AMAX Coal Company on their community.

  • [Save Our Cumberland Mountains Rally, Nashville 1]

    [Save Our Cumberland Mountains Rally, Nashville 1]

    An anti-strip mining rally in Nashville organized by SOCM, Save Our Cumberland Mountains, on April 8, 1975.

  • [Strip Mining interviews]

    [Strip Mining interviews]

    Interviews with inhabitants of a rural mountain about the devastation caused by strip mining to their land and to their community.

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