Kartemquin Films


Description: This collection contains videos produced by Kartemquin Films, an internationally-recognized and awarded center of documentary media makers. Kartemquin’s modus operandi is to foster a more engaged and empowered society, using cinema as a tool through which to widen the framework of said engagement. Their work, appropriately, features protests, local and international politics, grassroots organising towards workers’ rights, and anti-racist activist groups. Kartemquin’s best known film, Hoop Dreams, was entered into the National Film Registry in 2005. The Kartemquin collection contains tapes from Teen Street, Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, and Where’s I.W. Abel?, among others.

Our complete collection of Kartemquin Films’ work can be found here.

Subjects: Iron and steel industry, Labour, Workers’ Rights, Race Relations, Activisim, Politics, Chicago Politics, Performance Art, Chicago Theater

People: Rom Chy, Theresa Nazario, Valarie Hilderbrand, Happi Price, Bryn Magnus, Phil Taylor, Jeff Wojtysiak, Vanessa Truvillion, Shirley Brice Heath, Mike Olszanski, Al Samter, Alice Peurala, Staughton Lynd, Buddy Hill, I.W. Abel, Edwin H. Gott

Dates: 1986-1997

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