Dates: 1969-2020

Description: The videos in the Media Burn collection were created by a diverse community of artists, journalists, and community organizers around the world who use video to break boundaries.

Ant Farm

Ant Farm

Description: This collection contains videos by media collective Ant Farm. Formed in 1968 by Chip Lord and Doug Michels, it later expanded to include Curtis Schreier, Douglass Hurr, and Hudson Marquez.

Subjects: American Politics, Protest, Art, Performance Art, Twentieth Century

Dates: 1971-2007


becker cropped

Eddie Becker

Description: This collection contains videos produced by the videographer Eddie Becker. Based primarily in Washington DC, Becker’s videos feature politics and activist movements.

Subjects: American Politics, Military, Social Justice, Disabilities Awareness, Clinton, the 90s

Dates: 1989-2014        

judith binder

Judith Binder

Description: This collection assembles the work of Judith Binder, one half of CamNet. Judith’s work chronicles public and artistic responses in our culture, particularly in the 90s. This collection has a distinctly feminist tone.

Subjects: Feminism, Urban Life, American Politics, Feminist Performance Art, Habitat for Humanity

Dates: 1990-2015


Skip Blumberg

Skip Blumberg

Description: Skip Blumberg’s work highlights American politics, from footage of the DNC to local protests. His work has been featured on PBS, Nickelodeon, and in the Museum of Modern Art.

Subjects: American Politics, Clinton Era, the 90s, DNC, New York City, Chicago

Dates: 1976-2014


Eleanor Boyer

Description: Eleanor Boyer sought to promote cultural and institutional change by educating about the issues affecting women’s place in society. The focus of her work was to show the realities of women’s lives and to provide realistic alternatives to female stereotypes that dominated the mass media. 

SubjectsFeminism, Women’s Rights, YWCA, Labor

Dates: 1974-1987

Nancy cain

Nancy Cain

Description: Nancy Cain began playing with video as a member of Videofreex, the New York radical video collective. She defined the “guerrilla television” movement of the 70’s. Cain was a co-creator and producer of The 90’s and CamNet, America’s first all-camcorder channel.

Subjects: Public Opinion, Women’s Rights, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Political Protest

Dates: 1981-2015

will clinger

Will Clinger

Description: Will Clinger is an actor, producer, writer and TV show host. He is probably best known as the host and segment producer of Wild Chicago. His work on the show earned him fourteen Midwest Emmy awards.

Subjects: Arts and Entertainment, Performers, Chicago News, Chicago Culture, Second City, Comedy

Dates: 1989-1997


Patrick Creadon

Description: Documentary filmmaker Patrick Creadon is best known for his acclaimed full-length documentaries Wordplay and I.O.U.S.A. The collection highlights politics and daily life in the 90’s, particularly the political campaign of Bill Clinton.

Subjects: American Politics, Clinton Campaign, Urban Life, Interviews, DNC

Dates: 1991-2016

JH pic

Judy Hoffman

Description: Judy Hoffman is a Chicago-based filmmaker of documentaries, ethnography, and cinéma vérité. She was active in the Alternative Television Movement and played a major role in the formation of Kartemquin Films. She was the first woman film Camera Assistant in Chicago, and has won many awards, including the 2004 Nelson Algren Committee Award. This collection includes footage of the People for Community Recovery and the 1975 Housestaff Association strike.

Subjects: Labor History, Environmental Racism, Chicago History, Workers’ Rights, Chicago Politics

Dates: 1975-1993


Ben Hollis


Eight-time Emmy Award winner Ben Hollis is best known as the host and co-creator of Wild Chicago, a travelogue show exploring hidden gems in Chicago, which aired on WTTV from 1989 to 2003. Hollis followed Wild Chicago with Wild Chicago’s Illinois Road Trip and Ben Around Town, the latter airing from 2000-2003. 

Subjects: Chicago History, Arts and Culture, Chicago Arts, American Culture, Travel, Comedy

Dates: 1990-2017

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones

Description: This collection features the global and local documentary work of Andrew Jones. Footage spans democratic uprisings in Myanmar to the Democratic primary that led to the election of President Bill Clinton to the fight against apartheid in South Africa.

Subjects: Myanmar, Activism, Apartheid, Bill Clinton, DNC, Nelson Mandela, Chicago

Dates: 1989-2004


Kartemquin Films

Description: Sparking democracy through documentary since 1966, Kartemquin is a collaborative community that empowers documentary makers who create stories that foster a more engaged and just society. Kartemquin’s best known film, Hoop Dreams, was entered into the National Film Registry in 2005. The tapes collected at Media Burn are from unfinished projects documenting wide ranging topics, from labor organizing to art to race relations.

Subjects: Labor history, Workers’ Unions, Unions, Workers’ Rights, Local Politics, Race Relations, Art

Dates: 1970-2014



Chuck Kleinhans

Description: Chuck Kleinhans (1942-2017) was Associate Professor in the Radio/Television/Film Department at Northwestern University from 1977 to 2009. A connoisseur of documentary, and the avant-garde and sexual representation in particular, Chuck was a master identifier of many political and artistic issues at stake in film and media scholarship. The collection contains several dozen of his works as an experimental filmmaker, as well as some documentary works created with Julia Lesage in Nicaragua.

Subjects: film theory, experimental film, Nicaragua, labor organizing,

Dates: 1979-1985

Selected Filmography:

Continuous Entertainment

anda korsts

Anda Korsts

Description: Anda Korsts (1942-1991) was a Chicago-based video artist and journalist. She was the founder of Videopolis, an alternative video space. This collection contains video from the Videopolis program It’s a Living, as well as footage from theater production and performances, including the Artaud Project, a tribute to Antonin Artaud.

Subjects: Videopolis, Antonin Artaud, Performance Art, Labour, Marxism

Dates: 1971-1982

Selected Videography:

The Artaud Project

It’s a Living


Julia Lesage

Description: Julia Lesage is a professor at the University of Oregon. She is a co-founder of the media studies journal Jump Cut, with Chuck Kleinhans and John Hess. Primarily shot in Nicaragua during the 1980s, the majority of the tapes in the collection focus on how the Sandinista government brought rapid change to the lives of women in the region. The collection also includes two tapes produced at the University of Oregon in the ’90s about race and disability on the university campus.

Subjects: Nicaragua, Sandinistas, women, race, disability

Dates: 1982-1995

Selected Videography:

Las Nicas


In Plain English


Carol Marin

Description: Carol Marin is a journalist based in Chicago. She was hired as a reporter by WMAQ-TV (NBC). However, Marin later left NBC in protest and moved to 60 Minutes and 60 Minutes II. Marin’s body of work has earned her both an individual and shared Peabody, two Emmy’s, and two Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia awards.

Subjects: Chicago Public Schools, Gangs, Political Activism, Gun Violence, Protest

Dates: 1977-2000



Valjean McLenighan

Description: Valjean McLenighan (d. 2008) was an independent Chicago-based video journalist. McLenighan was also a blogger, author, and advocate for Zimbabwean artists. Her work as a videographer and producer is showcased on the television show Chicago Slices, as well as Image Union. 

Subjects: Chicago History, Nuclear Disarmament, Immigration, American Culture

Dates: 1975-1995

Cynthia Neal

Cindy Neal

Description: Cindy Neal is an independent Chicago-based videomaker whose work included experimental forms of video image processing, as well as works of video journalism. The collection contains videos from the 70s, including portraits of small business owners and a tape of Jane Byrne on election night.

Subjects: Chicago Politics, Regional Elections, Small Businesses, Small Business Owners

Dates: 1976-1978

John owens

John Owens

Description: John Owens is an award-winning media professional with more than twenty five years of experience as a multi-platform journalist, producer, director and videographer.

Subjects: Barack Obama, American Politics, Local Politics, News Journalism

Dates: 1996-2009


Tom Palazzo

Tom Palazzolo

Description: Tom Palazzolo is an experimental filmmaker who documented Chicago life and political activism. The collection features footage of LGBTQIA pride parades, improv comedy, music festivals, and political protests.

Subjects: Chicago History, Pride, LGBTQIA, AIDS awareness, Democratic Party, Political Protest

Dates: 1966-2013

Bill staments

Bill Stamets

Description: Bill Stamets is a documentarian and photographer who filmed public events such as protests, parades, and political events in Chicago. This collection contains political videos, including Chicago mayoral races and the 1996 Democratic National Convention.

Subjects: Chicago History, Chicago Elections, Americn Politics, Democratic Process, Politicians

Dates: 1987-1996



Description: TVTV (Top Value Television) was a San Francisco-based video collective founded by Allen Rucker, Michael Shamberg, Tom Weinberg, Hudson Marquez and Megan Williams. More than fifty independent videomakers (including members of Ant Farm) participated from 1972 to 1976. This collection includes all of TVTV’s completed works.

Subjects: Peace Protests, RNC, DNC, Super Bowl, Cajun Louisiana, American Culture, American Politics

Dates: 1972-2007

Tom Weinberg

Tom Weinberg

Description: Tom Weinberg has been producing ground-breaking video and TV programs for more than 40 years. He began his career with alternative video pioneers TVTV, and his credits include more than 500 nonfiction television programs and educational videos as producer, director, and executive producer.

Subjects: American Politics, Chicago Politics, Documentary, Television, Fame, Media Archaeology, Sports

Dates: 1972-2020

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