Anda Korts

Anda Korsts Collection

Extent: 31 1/2″ reel-to-reel; 21 videocassettes (U-Matic); 2 videocassettes (VHS); 4 videocassettes (DVCAM)

Dates: 1971-1982

Description: Anda Korsts was a Chicago based video artist and journalist. She was the founder of Videopolis, Chicago’s first alternative video space, and worked with TVTV, a national video collective. This collection contains video from Videopolis’ program, It’s a Living, based on Studs Terkel’s book Working, which focuses on workers in Chicago. This collection also contains footage from her work videoing theater production and performances, including the Artaud Project, a video and performance tribute to the French playwright, performer, and poet, Antonin Artaud.

People: J. Pat Miller, Jim Rinnert, Tom Weinberg, Anda Korsts, Marty Robinson, Sid Davis, Douglas Kiker, Dan Rather, Roberta K. Johnson, Cecil O’Neal, Stuart Gordon, Lenny Kleinfeld, Mary Chism, Anne Jenkins, Roger Wallenstein, Basil Talbott, Yolanda Leif, Studs Terkel, Nelson Algren

Subjects: Videopolis, Independent Video, Chicago, Antonin Artaud, Work and Labor, Performance Video

Ben Hollis

Ben Hollis Collection

Extent: 27 videocassettes (Betacam SP); 27 digital (Betacam SX); 1 videocassette (D2); 22 digital Betacam; 3 videocassettes (DVCAM); 8 videocassettes (Mini-DV); 17 videocassettes (U-Matic); 1 videocassette (VHS)

Dates: 1990–1998

Description: Ben Hollis is best known as the original host and co-creator of Wild Chicago, a hit show that aired on WTTW-Chicago. This collection contains videos from his programs Ben Loves Chicago, Ben Around Town, and Wild Chicago.

People: Ben Hollis

Subjects: Chicago history

Bill Stamets

Bill Stamets Collection


2 videocassettes (DVCAM); 45 videocassettes (Hi 8mm); 14 videocassettes (U-Matic); 1 videocassette (Mini-DV); 1 videocassette (Digital Betacam); 7 videocassettes (U-Matic SP); 2 digital files

Dates: 1987-1996

Description: This collection contains videos produced by Bill Stamets, a documentarian and photographer who filmed public events like protests, parades, and political events in Chicago. This collection contains political videos, including Chicago mayoral races and the 1996 Democratic National Convention.

People:Jack Kemp, Joanne Kemp, Bob Dole, Elizabeth Dole, Al Gore, George H. Bush, Jesse Jackson, Pat Robertson, Dick Gephart, Lamar Alexander, Phil Gramm, Richard J. Daley, Richard M. Daley, Studs Terkel, Bob Lucas, Jay McMullen, Harold Washington, Jane Byrne, Marion Stamps, Edward Vrdolyak, Bernard Epton, Irv Kupcinet, Aaron Freeman, James Thompson, Adlai Stevenson, Art Jones, Donald Haider, Robert Moon, Ray Wardingley, Harry Golden, Jr., Thomas Hynes, Eleanor Daley, Ray Simon, Irene Bedard, Joe Roth, Roland Burris, Lawrence Redmond, Marge Laurino, Pat Buchanan, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Bill Kerrey, George H. W. Bush, Charles Woods, Willie Dixon, Stevie Wonder, Howie Moschowitz, Ed Begley, Jr., LeVar Burton, Keith Tucci, Randall Terry, Andre Marrou, Nancy Lord, Richard Boddie, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Joan Jett Blakk, Dawn Larson, David Garris, Alan Dixon, Kitty Kurth

Subjects: Chicago (Ill.)–Politics and government, Chicago (Ill.)–History, Presidents–Election, Mayors–Election


Carol Marin

Extent: 38 videocassettes (VHS); 23 videocassettes (U-Matic); 9 videocassettes (Betacam); 7 videocassettes (Betacam SP); 5 videocassettes (DVCPRO); 1 videocassette (MII)

Dates: 1977 – 2000

Description: Carol Marin is a television and print journalist. This collection contains a variety of her news broadcasts, mostly political in nature.

People:  Carol Marin, Ron Majors, Don Moseley, Tom Snyder, Laurie Levenson, Malcolm McDowell, Guinivere Garcia, Jerry Springer, Studs Terkel

Subjects:Chicago Public Schools, Gangs, Prison reform, KKK, White supremacy, Politics, Evangelicals, Gun violence, Chicago politics, Mayoral elections, Dealth penalty

Cindy Neal

Cindy Neal Collection

Extent: 8 videocassettes (U-Matic), 1 videocassette (VHS)

Dates: 1976-1978

Description: This collection contains videos produced by Cindy Neal, an independent Chicago-based videomaker whose work included experimental forms of video image processing, as well as works of video journalism. The Cindy Neal collection contains videos from the 1970s and includes portraits of small business owners as well as a tape of Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne on election night.

People:Jane Byrne, Jay McMullen

Subjects:Chicago politics, Mayoral election, Small business owners

John Owens Collection

Extent: 432 videos: 207 videocassettes (BetacamSP); 9 videocassettes (BetacamSX); 65 videocassettes (DVCAM); 76 videocassettes (DVCPro); 10 DVD-R; 58 videocassettes (Mini-DV); 1 videocassettes (U-Matic); 4 videocassettes (VHS)

Dates: 1996-2009

Description: John Owens is an award-winning media professional with more than 25 years of experience as a multi-platform journalist, executive producer, producer, director and videographer.

People: Barack Obama, Judge Evans, David Sykuta, Jacky Grimshaw, Sam Zell, James Meeks, Steppenwolf, Dorothy Brown, Jeremiah Wright, Congressman Rush, Jane Byrne, Studs Terkel

Subjects: Politics, Chicago Politics

Judy Hoffman

Judy Hoffman Collection

Extent: 8 videocassettes (Hi 8mm); 6 videocassettes (U-Matic); 5 videocassettes (VHS)

Dates: 1975-1993

Description: Judy Hoffman is a Chicago based filmmaker interested in documentaries, enthographic film, and cinema verite. She was active in the Alternative Television Movement of the early 1970’s and played a major role in the formation of Kartemquin Films. She was the first woman film Camera Assistant in Chicago, and has won many awards including the 2004 Nelson Algren Committee Award for community activists making a significant contribution to Chicago life. This collection includes footage of the People for Community Recovery, an organization fighting environmental racism, and the 1975 Housestaff Association (HSA) strike.

People: Martin Mull, The Four Tops, Dr. Quentin Young, Ed Sadlowski, Jesse Jackson, Hazel Johnson, Father Michael Pfleger, Eugene Sawyer, Greg Degraf, Kelsey Bogart, Carolyn Jackson, Keith Szarabajka, J. Pat Miller, Del Close, Warren Casey, Barry Bender, Studs Terkel, Alfred Pommier, Marcia Stocking, Bernard Passmore, William Farrell, Margie Robbins, Yolanda Leif, Cheryl Johnson, Marianne Burns, Walter “Slim” Coleman

Subjects: environmental racism, labor unions, concerts, Chicago history, Chicago politics


Kartemquin Films Collection

Extent: 11 videocassettes (U-Matic); 5 videocassettes (VHS); 1 videocassette (D2); 1 videocassette (1″); 10 videocassettes (1/2″ reel-to-reel); 207 digital files

Dates: 1986-1997

Description: This collection contains videos produced by Kartemquin Films, an internationally-recognized and awarded center of documentary media makers who seek to foster a more engaged and empowered society. Kartemquin’s best known film, Hoop Dreams, was entered into the National Film Registry in 2005. The Kartemquin collection contains tapes from Teen Street, Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, and Where’s I.W. Abel?, among others.

People: Edith Altman, Othello Anderson, Joel Feldman, Marva Jolly, Claire Wolf Krantz, Kerry James Marshall, Gerda Meyer-Bernstein, Esther Parada, John Rozelle, Hamza Walker, Fan Warren, John Pitman Weber, Julie Perkins, Jerry Blumentahl, Esther Charbit, Kiela Songhay-Smith, Sabrina Ann Esbitt, Michelle Kelly, Joe Nelson II, Jenny Kristin Pollack, Alvin Thomas, Naomi Walchak, Hozy Whitehead, Karla Galva, Gyasi Kress, Griffin Rodriguez, Mars Williams, Anita Evans, Ron Bieganski, Tasha Williams, Zach Fiocca, Meka Hayes, Alex Present, Diana Campos, Shanel Jackson, Rom Chy, Theresa Nazario, Valarie Hilderbrand, Happi Price, Bryn Magnus, Phil Taylor, Jeff Wojtysiak, Vanessa Truvillion, Shirley Brice Heath, Mike Olszanski, Al Samter, Alice Peurala, Staughton Lynd, Buddy Hill, I.W. Abel, Edwin H. Gott

Topics: Race relations, Art, Theatre, Iron and steel workers, Labor unions

Tom Palazzolo

Tom Palazzolo Collection

Extent: “1 videocassette (BetacamSP); 1 videocassette (Digital Betacam); 1 digital file; 11 DVD; 3 DVD-R; 4 videocassettes (Hi 8mm);
1 videocassette (U-Matic); 2 videocassettes (VHS); 1 videocassette (Video-8)

Dates: 1966-2013

Description: This collection contains videos produced by Tom Palazzolo, an experimental filmmaker who documented local Chicago life. The Tom Palazzolo collection contains videos of LGBTQ pride parades, improv comedy, music festivals, and political protests, among others.

People: Mary Ellen St. Aubin, Parnell St. Aubin, Steve Jones, Joel Klaff, Susan Messing, Amy Palazzolo, Deborah King

Topics: Chicago history, LGBTQ history, Pride parades, Political protests, Baseball, Advertising,
Gambling, Folk music, Improv, Senior citizens

Will Clinger

Will Clinger Collection

Extent: 18 videocassettes (VHS); 11 videocassettes (U-Matic); 1 videocassette (Betacam SP)

Dates: 1990s

Description: This collection contains videos producted by Will Clinger, an actor, producer, writer and TV show host who has appeared on various stages and screens for over 20 years. He is probably best known as the host and segment producer of Wild Chicago, a television program that looked at the offbeat side of the city and aired on WTTW/Channel 11. His work on the show earned him fourteen Midwest Emmy awards.

People: Paul Barosse, Will

Subjects: Vaudeville, Chicago history, Comedy

Valjean McLenighan

Valjean McLenighan Collection

Extent: 12 videocassettes (VHS); 8 videocassettes (U-matic); 5 1/2″ reel-to-reel; 2 1″ reel-to-reel; 1 videocassette (Video-8)

Dates: 1975-1995

Description: This collection contains videos produced by Valjean McLenighan, an independent Chicago-based video journalist.

People: Chief Little Fox, Jack Nyland, Toye du Monde Dupres, Mr. Positive, Julia Hayden, Dr. Bogarte, Jack Callahan, Peg, Jerry Carne, Angel Lynne Sexton, Evil Horns, Japanese Delegation, Busia Cioc, Wanda McLenighan, Jane Byrne, Jay McMullen, Lillian Bender, Betsey Means, Paul Buchbinder. Bob Junius, Nate Herman

Subjects:Gambling, Immigration, Great Depression, Nuclear disarmament, Chicago history, Sports, Greenpeace, Boxing

Ant Farm

Ant Farm


Eddie Becker

Judith Binder

Judith Binder


Skip Blumberg


Nancy Cain


Patrick Creadon


Tom Weinberg


Andrew Jones