Valjean McLenighan

Description: This collection contains videos produced by Valjean McLenighan, an independent Chicago-based video journalist. She made her initial mark on the arts and culture scene as as a “video revolutionary” in the 1970s. Her videographic work often featured Third World and disadvantaged communities, and a clear social conscience. She continued fighting for human rights up until her death in 2008. Highlights of her work include documenting the election of Chicago’s first female mayor, applying political pressure on people in power to abolish nuclear weapons, and personal tapes exploring the bond of female friendships. 

Our complete collection of Valjean’s work can be found here.

Dates: 1975-1997

Subjects: Gambling, Immigration, Great Depression, Nuclear disarmament, Chicago history, Sports, Greenpeace, Boxing

Selected Videography: 

Jane Byrne Election Night

Busia and Cioc

Wanda and Lilli

Freeze Frame: You Can Do It!

The Real Realness of the Higher Highness