1/19/23: Virtual Talks with Video Activists: “SOUTHEAST: a city within a city”

Preview screening/discussion of “SOUTHEAST: a city within a city” with filmmaker Steven J Walsh, moderated by Professor Christine Walley

What happens to a community after the factories close down? Join us for a preview screening of an upcoming documentary focused on the long-term experience of deindustrialization in America’s heartland. Through the lens of one Chicago community, the film provides an intimate picture of the changing face of the American “Rust Belt.”

Full replay of the January 19th virtual event.

Thursday, January 19th
4:00p PT / 6:00p CT / 7:00p ET
Free, 60-minute virtual screening and discussion
Featuring filmmaker Steven J. Walsh and moderated by Dr. Christine Walley

About SOUTHEAST: a city within a city

The Southeast side of Chicago is an often overlooked and stigmatized neighborhood, blocked by an overcast of misguided interpretation. In the documentary SOUTHEAST: a city within a city, filmmaker Steven J. Walsh strives to shed light on this neighborhood’s near-mythic tale.

This community once produced more steel than any other place in the world. It had neighborhoods full of life and culture—many different cultures—but that all ended once the steel mills left. The film brings together builders, soldiers, scholars, gangsters, musicians and politicians from the Southeast side’s past and present to help explain what happened after the area’s deindustrialization. This film is more than just history; it is a hands-on exploration of what it felt like to live in the neighborhood. See how the community was then and how it evolved to what it is now.

Join us on an immersive experience as we engage in elements of documentary film and live narration. Music is a major element of this story, and all of the songs for the soundtrack were written by writer/director Steven Walsh and his grandfather, Roger “Coco” Gomez.


About Steven Walsh

Steven Walsh is a storyteller, defying the stigmas of his Southeast Chicago upbringing and breaking ground in uncharted creative territory through multi-perspective storytelling. Walsh has made the climb up from rather humble beginnings, shattered stereotypes, and emerged as a Johns Hopkins Graduate and two-time Emmy award-winning producer. He is the founder of Omni Media and Marketing and has made it a mission to shed light on his negatively characterized neighborhood through his upcoming documentary, Southeast: a city within a city. His concentrations are in education, writing, directing, and producing.

About Christine Walley

Christine Walley is Professor of Anthropology at MIT. She received a Ph.D. in anthropology from New York University in 1999. The Exit Zero Project used family stories from the former steel mill region of Southeast Chicago to examine the long-term impact of deindustrialization in the United States. It includes an award-winning book with University of Chicago Press (2013), as well as a documentary film made with director Chris Boebel (2017). Chris Walley and Chris Boebel have also collaborated with the Southeast Chicago Historical Museum and web designer and artist Jeff Soyk to create an interactive archive and storytelling website sechicagohistory.org. The website uses objects that Southeast Chicago residents saved and the stories they told about them to explore the transformation of what it means to be “working class” in the United States. Walley is also working on a book based on this material tentatively titled, Notes from a ‘Paraindustrial’ Age.

Check out the film’s website at: https://www.southeastdocumentary.com/



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