2/16/23: Virtual Talks with Video Activists: “TV LAB”

Preview screening/discussion of “Nam June Paik and TV LAB: License to Create” with filmmaker Howard Weinberg

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Before YouTube, before Reality Television,” before the Internet, artists and filmmakers pushed the boundaries of television at the TV LAB — an experimental division of Channel 13/WNET public television from 1972-1984. Supported initially by the Rockefeller Foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts at the urging of Nam June Paik, who wanted a place for artists to create new imagery on television.

Psychadelic Charlotte Moorman with outline of face superimposed.

“Television can be better than television is.” Join us for a preview screening of clips from this in-progress feature-length documentary that shows how the TV LAB at Thirteen/WNET, New York (1972-84) changed the way we see television and the world.

Producer-Director Howard Weinberg is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and television journalist. Weinberg’s work with major figures in American journalism has earned him Emmy, Peabody, duPont and Polk awards. He was Founding Producer of The MacNeil/Lehrer Report, Executive Producer of The Dick Cavett Show, Creator and Producer of Assignment America with Studs Terkel, Senior Producer of Inside Story with Hodding Carter, Executive Producer of Listening to America with Bill Moyers (a 27-part election-year series), and Producer for CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt and later with Charles Osgood and Sixty Minutes with Harry Reasoner.

Moderator Carol Brandenburg spent 10 years at WNET’s TV Lab (1974-84), first as assistant to Lab Director David Loxton, then taking on more responsibility: director of the NY State artist-in-residence program, and executive producer of both local and national broadcast presentations of artists’ work. In the summer of 1983, Nam June Paik asked her to be executive producer for a live NY-Paris broadcast, Good Morning Mr. Orwell, New Year’s Day 1984 (it was also live in Seoul, where millions of South Koreans watched it at 2 am). That paved the way for their second live broadcast, Bye Bye Kipling (NY-Seoul-Tokyo) in summer 1986. Their final live broadcast Wrap Around the World (1988) connected 10 countries simultaneously, including China and the Soviet Union. 

Learn more about the film TV Lab at: https://www.tv-lab.org/ You can make a donation to support the completion and release of the film at https://fiscal.thegotham.org/project.cfm/289/Nam-June-Paik–TV-Lab-License-to-Create/ Below you can watch a brief clip from the film featuring Shigeko Kubota.

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