3/31/22: Virtual Talks with Video Activists: Tobe Carey

A virtual screening and discussion with photographer and filmmaker Tobe Carey moderated by film producer Joey Carey.

Watch the full recording of the 3/31 event.

On Thursday, March 31st, at 6 pm Central Time, Media Burn Archive hosted photographer and filmmaker Tobe Carey for a virtual screening and discussion of a selection of his work, centered on environmental and political themes. Independent film producer Joey Carey moderated.


Tobe Carey is a photographer and filmmaker living near Woodstock, New York. For over fifty years he has created a wide body of work including personal and experimental video and films, historical documentaries, informational, environmental, and political programs.

Politics and public events have been topics for his films and video since 1967. They include: Exorcise the Pentagon – Out Demons Out!; No Nukes: Seabrook CallingThe March for Disarmament; and School Board BluesAll Politics is Local is a mash-up of more than 140 short docs and animations from 2017-2018 local politics, marches and rallies.

His environmental work includes the Radiation Workers documentaries with Pam Roberts and Ed Wierzbowski: Radiation Workers: ReprocessingUNC: Nuclear Lake; and Tennessee Heavy Metal. Carey directed The Hudson River PCB Story and Indian Point: Nowhere to Run for use by environmental advocates at Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.

Carey’s more than twenty-year collaboration with performance artist, Linda Mary Montano, includes the satirical Linda and Tobe Make a Political Tape. His Flags: Post 9/11; Paper or Plastic and COVID Alert confront contemporary issues using manipulated images and processed sound. The John Lewis March for Voting Rights and video for local town elections involves a more straightforward approach.

Beginning with Giving Birth in 1972, Carey has produced a variety of feature documentaries including a collection of Catskill Mountains/Hudson Valley programs. His latest release, Mountain River, is the story of the 65 mile long Esopus Creek.

Carey served two years with the Peace Corps in Bogota, Colombia from 1965-67, and holds a masters degree in Film Production from Boston University. Together with the True Light Beavers, he helped create Feast: A Tribal Cookbook and On the Bus: Truckin’ Through Mexico with the Woodstock Community Free School, both published by Doubleday.

In the 1970s and 1980s he worked with pioneering video groups Woodstock Community Video and Media Bus in Woodstock, NY. He has been the president of Willow Mixed Media, a not-for-profit arts organization since 1979.

“No Nukes,” Woodstock.

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Moderator Joey Carey is a partner/producer at Sundial Pictures, a New York City based independent film production company specializing in documentary and narrative feature films. Among his many credits are the feature films Obvious Child (2014), Pariah (2011), and Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011).

Meeting of activist producers for the March for Disarmament satellite broadcast, 1982.
Still from “Linda and Tobe Make a Political Tape.”

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