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  • Artbeat Chicago, episode 404

    Artbeat Chicago, episode 404

    In this episode of Artbeat Chicago, the renovation and renewal of the Chicago Theater district is discussed, a young actress playing the role of gospel singer Mahalia Jackson is profiled, a throng of classic black art is showcased in the downtown gallery scene, and a production based on the life of Peggy Guggenheim is visited. Studs Terkel briefly appears in the piece on Mahalia Jackson. Continue reading

  • Video Communication Unit

    Video Communication Unit

    A video letter from Doug Michels to Tom Weinberg documenting the Ant Farm’s tour of Australia. It begins with an onscreen introduction by Doug Michels and includes several appearances on Australian television shows, including some outrageous behavior. Continue reading

  • Phoebe Legere

    Raw footage shot for “The 90’s” following musician/artist Phoebe Legere backstage and onstage during one of her concerts at Chicago’s China Club. Features some good backstage footage of Phoebe, her backing band, and her entourage. While backstage, Phoebe speaks of her recent ventures into video art, and creati ng her own music videos. Other discussion topics include: Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and the 1992 election. When onstage Phoebe performs several songs and plays the accordion. Continue reading

  • [Halsted Street TV Show: Dragan performance]

    [Halsted Street TV Show: Dragan performance]

    The Halsted Street TV Show was a video project started by Tom Weinberg and Scott Jacobs. At a storefront on Halsted Street in Chicago, independent videomakers and artists held screenings and discussions of their work. Tonight features a live performance by Yugoslavian performance artist The Great Dragan, followed by a question and answer session. Continue reading

  • Image Union, Episode 1609: A Tribute To Juan Downey

    Image Union, Episode 1609: A Tribute To Juan Downey

    A collection of video art pieces by Juan Downey, who had recently passed away. Continue reading

  • [Media Burn outtakes]

    This tape contains little footage that is not in the final cut. The only added material is more news coverage and an interview with a Channel 2 cameraman. Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0330

    Image Union, episode 0330

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring “Black Forest Trading Post” by Stuart Klein and Andrew Lugg, “Cinetract Emotional Fascism” by Tom Corboy, “Sun Run” and “Star Crazy” by Rufus Butler Seder, “The Underground Water Source” by J.P. and Lilian Somersaulter, and “Old Age: A True Story” by Alan Marcus. Continue reading

  • Art Com Demo

    0:00 Color bars. Continue reading