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  • John Coady #1

    John Coady #1

    This is a video of John Coady, of WBBM news radio 78, walking the viewer through a day in his work life specifically how he sets up pieces, puts them together, records them, and eventually airs them. He interviews Judge Aspen about the federal shutdown that took place in January of 1996.

  • AJ #1 at Carver Jones

    AJ #1 at Carver Jones

    Film of A.J. Parker, a radio personality on 106.3, at the 1995 Carver Middle School Graduation and Commencement. This was filmed for the TV show Radio Faces.

  • [#4 At School]

    [#4 At School]

    Puerto Rican Nationalists visit a conference in Chicago in honor of their actions, supporters group leaders speak to demonstrate their support.

  • [Radio Faces raw: Ed Vrdolyak + Ty Wansley on WJJD #1]

    [Radio Faces raw: Ed Vrdolyak + Ty Wansley on WJJD #1]

    An excerpt of the live broadcast of Alderman Edward Vrdolyak’s political radio talk show on WJJD 1160 AM.

  • A.J. at Carver #2

    A.J. at Carver #2

    This is a video containing the graduation of the 1995 class of the Carver Middle School as begun in a previous tape and an interview with A.J. Parker the keynote speaker at the graduation and a radio personality for 106.3 FM, a Chicago radio station.

  • [Radio Faces raw: Ty Wansley #2]

    [Radio Faces raw: Ty Wansley #2]

    Interview with Ty Wansley about his position on the Ty and Ed [Vrdolyak] Show on WJJD 1160 AM.

  • TJ + Wild Bill #1

    TJ + Wild Bill #1

    This is film of a live broadcast of the TJ and Wild Bill show on B96 for the TV show Radio Faces.

  • Steve Harvey WGCI

    Steve Harvey WGCI

    Skip Blumberg and Tom Weinberg visit the 107.5 WGCI studio to film and interview Steve Harvey for their show, Radio Faces.

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