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  • [Blanda clips from “Think Win”]

    [Blanda clips from “Think Win”]

    Clips from a film starring former football player George Blanda called “Think Win.” Blanda relates his principles of success in football to success in business through clips of his days as a quarterback and placekicker in the NFL. He explains that his experience in business early in his career is what gave him the drive and work ethic to become one of the top players in the league. Continue reading

  • Hail to the Cook

    Hail to the Cook

    This color film lavishes praise on the cooks and pastry chefs of the Empire Room at the Palmer House, and was written and narrated by Studs Terkel. Continue reading

  • NOVA: Miracle Of Birth

    Educational program detailing the human birth process. Continue reading

  • [Rock The Vote: 17 spots tied]

    0:00 Bars and tone, black. 0:53 Ice T – Who’s afraid of the voters? Call your Senator and ask him to support the Motor Voter bill. 1:27 Queen Latifah – Your civil rights. Footage of civil rights protests, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, early Black voters at the polls, beatings, funerals. Clip from Martin Luther King Speech. Latifah tells us not to make all of these struggles a waste. Vote. 2:27 KRS-1 – Your cuture. People who don’t like your … Continue reading

  • The Story of Television

    The Story of Television

    Tape about the development of television, produced by RCA and emphasizing their contributions. Continue reading

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