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  • [TV show compilation]

    This tape is a compilation of TV shows. The first show is The General Electric Theatre. This episode of G.E. Theatre features a musical performance by Judy Garland. Garland sings seven or eight numbers, but not her trademark “Somewhere Over the Rainbow┬Ł.” This episode is hosted by Ronald Reagan, and the G.E. sponsor breaks, themed “living better…electrically”, are presented by Bill Goodwin. Produced by Sid Luft. Continue reading

  • The Good War

    The Good War

    Prologue Theatre’s 1991 musical production of Studs Terkel’s award-winning “The Good War.” Using a simple set and minimal props, the cast evokes myriad characters whose monologues voice the different perspectives of those alive during World War II, including American soldiers, German soldiers, nurses, teenagers, Japanese civilians, and scientists. Continue reading

  • [MTV rock news]

    0:00 Bars and tone, black. Continue reading