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  • [Jane Byrne’s Easter at Cabrini, Weinberg / Finerty edit]

    [Jane Byrne’s Easter at Cabrini, Weinberg / Finerty edit]

    Tom Weinberg and Tom Finerty’s edit of Jane Byrne’s Easter Celebration at Cabrini Green. Shot for “Ambassadors of Cabrini.” Footage of an Easter celebration held by Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne at Cabrini Green, where she was temporarily living at the time. The tape begins with Byrne trying to lead the crowd in religious songs. However, after a short period of footage of Byrne’s official program, the camera turns to a large group of protesters (presumably Cabrini Green residents) who are angry at Byrne for her policies towards African-Americans, shouting, “We need jobs, not eggs!” In a widely publicized PR stunt, Byrne had briefly taken up residence in Cabrini Green, the notorious housing project. The protesters are almost immediately beaten by the police and taken to jail. The remainder of the tape is the crew’s attempt to understand what happened and locate the jailed demonstrators. Continue reading

  • Watch It!, episode 103-2

    Watch It!, episode 103-2

    An episode of “Watch It!” featuring segments mostly concerning sex and love. Includes a melodrama about AIDs, elderly couples talking about their sex lives, a sneak preview for a play called “What’s This In My Coke?”, and more. Continue reading

  • The 90’s, episode 211: Everyday Addictions: Alcohol And Nicotine

    The 90’s, episode 211: Everyday Addictions: Alcohol And Nicotine

    Episode 211 of the award-winning TV series The 90’s. This episode is called “EVERYDAY ADDICTIONS: ALCOHOL AND NICOTINE” and features the following segments: Continue reading

  • Bus Riders Union

    Bus Riders Union

    Documentary about an activist group called the Bus Riders Union. Their focus is on improving the public transportation system in Los Angeles. The bus system there is in a sorry state. Busses are overcrowded. A rider will routinely see three busses pass her by, completely full, before being able to board. Handicapped riders find that the lift system on most busses is broken. Many riders need to take three or more busses to arrive at their destinations, and late night service on some routes is discontinued without any notice. On top of this, the MTA was planning a massive fare increase and focusing their energy on subways and trains that are costly and benefit mainly upper class white people. The B.R.U. views this struggle over Los Angeles busses as the new civil rights battle. The bus system is utilized almost exclusively by minorities and low income residents. Since the busses are so unreliable, workers are not able to predictably arrive on time and therefore have trouble holding jobs. This means that an already disadvantaged segment of the population is being further held back. Kikanza Ramsey, B.R.U. organizer, describes her organization as “an experiment to see if we can create a multi-racial, bi-lingual, gender-balanced mass movement of working class people.” The tape follows the legal struggles of the group throughout the 90’s as they battle with the city and the MTA for service improvements. Continue reading

  • [Skip Blumberg raw tape for The 90’s]

    [Skip Blumberg raw tape for The 90’s]

    Interview with Reverend Calvin O. Butts about his campaign to remove cigarrette advertisments from low-income minority communities. Continue reading

  • The Bill Veeck Show: Sex And The College Student

    The Bill Veeck Show: Sex And The College Student

    Host Bill Veeck and his guests discuss the issue of sex on college campuses. Dr. Alfred Flarsheim had recently published a book called “Sex and the College Student,” so his research was used as a guide. The other two guests, Andrea Tyree and Frank Wallace, were described as consultants. The panel’s feeling is that at that point in history, sexual morality was shifting, due in large part to the widespread availability of birth control methods. The guests describe sexuality as switching from being bounded by public morality to a private morality. The feeling is that since pregnancy is no longer a concern, the moral issue for couples is now whether sex is the “right” thing to do in the context of their relationship. The discussion moves between topics, but generally focuses on whether/how to enforce moral norms onto sexuality. Continue reading

  • [Jane Byrne’s Easter at Cabrini raw #1]

    [Jane Byrne’s Easter at Cabrini raw #1]

    Raw footage of Jane Byrne’s Easter Celebration at Cabrini Green in 1981. This tape includes most of the official program, including a preacher, a gospel choir, and Byrne, followed by informal footage of Byrne at the carnival. Continue reading

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