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  • Thunder and Reins

    Thunder and Reins

    What does it take to be a Kentucky Derby winning jockey? From zero to 35 mph in a matter of seconds! Experience the strength, stamina, and courage it takes as each jockey guides you through wining the Kentucky Derby aboard a Thoroughbred racehorse full of heart. Seven world-class jockeys relive the most thrilling ride of their lives, describing how they use their entire bodies and the power of the reins to become champions in their finest hour. Seasoned racing writers Joe Drape and Billy Reed explain the complexities of a jockey’s job–the cunning and foresight that make Kentucky Derby jockeys some of the toughest, most competitive athletes in all of sports. Jockeys’ wives Rita Santos and Sheila Day share what it means to live with horse racing’s constant dangers and monumental successes. Trainers John Ward, Carl Nafzger, and John Sadler explain how they choose a jockey with the intelligence and skill needed to bring their Thoroughbred first under the wire at Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in May. Continue reading

  • Pieces of Manley

    Footage shot for documentary about Manley High School on the West Side of Chicago, and their successful basketball team. Continue reading

  • [Boxing at Fuller Park]

    Ben Hollis interviews boxers training at Fuller Park in Chicago at 46th and Princeton. Continue reading

  • Bulls-Sox Underground Show

    Interview with Jerry Reinsdorf. Continue reading

  • Phillip Ranstrom Martial Arts Demo: “Gym”

    Phillip Ranstrom Martial Arts Demo: “Gym”

    Long version of Phil Ranstrom martial arts demo. Continue reading

  • [Daley ribbon cutting United Center]

    [Daley ribbon cutting United Center]

    0:09 Camera opens on a digital Chicago info booth. No audio. Move to two people driving in a car.  1:13 Audio starts. Footage of an airplane. Cut to people at the United Center. Someone comes to the podium and thanks everyone for coming. Governor Jim Edgar speaks about opening the United Center. Mayor Richard M. Daley speaks about the importance of the center.  5:38 Daley, Edgar, Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf, and Blackhawks owner Bill Wirtz cut the opening ribbon. Footage … Continue reading

  • Phil Ranstrom Martial Arts Demo

    Phil Ranstrom Martial Arts Demo

    Short martial arts demo tape. Continue reading

  • Dave Meggysey, tape 2

    Dave Meggysey, tape 2

    A talk entitled “The Radical Transformation of Sport in America” by Dave Meggyesy. It took place at a Rising Up Angry outreach program called Friends of Angry held at Holy Covenant United Methodist Church at 2747 N. Wilton Ave in Chicago. Rising Up Angry was a youth revolutionary activist group in the 1960s and 1970s. Meggysey was an American football player turned union organizer and author of Out Of Their League, an autobiographical look at football that was critical of the sport’s dehumanizing aspects and pro-capitalist values. In this tape, Meggyesy gives specific examples of the ways in which he feels organized sports in America dehumanize people, and also answers some questions from the audience. Continue reading

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