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  • Wired In 1982/1995 Recut

    Wired In 1982/1995 Recut

    The tape features a demo for the television show “Wired In.” While the program never actually came to fruition, the footage and demos put together are an interesting look into the the technological trends and innovations of the 1980s. This video contains a recut of the “Wired In” demo.

  • Face it layoff

    Face it layoff

    This video contains footage gathered for the television program “Watch It.” Some of this footage was also gathered for the television show “Wired In,” which never made it on the air. In this video, we watch as broadcast journalist Anne Johnsos, along with a video crew, visits a technology convention in Chicago to demo a new product called “Face It.”

  • Club Med Pulls

    Club Med Pulls

    Footage from a Club Med vacation in the Bahamas. Tourists play games and are interviewed about the coming of the computer age.

  • [Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #67]

    [Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #67]

    Raw footage for the documentary “Veeck: A Man For Any Season.” Last day. Veeck talks about computers and how they changed baseball, among other things.

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